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Licences for Electrician

Licence for Electrical Contractor

Before any electrical wiring work can be performed in NSW, an electrical licence is required. This applies irrespective of the expense and whether the job is commercial, manufacturing or residential.

If an electrical contractor is involved, you can verify that they have a valid license from the contractor. You can search online for a license or contact NSW Fair Trading to ensure that the individual has a valid license from the contractor. By statute, for all ads, stationery and signs, all contractors must display their license number.

The license number of TRUE LOCAL SERVICES PTY LTD Electrical Contractor is 346830C. All, our electricians are certified individually.


No. 346830C

ACN: 637 930 931

ABN 54 637 930 931

True Local Electricians
Address: 1/14-16 Giddings Ave, Cronulla NSW 2230
Phone: 0423 562 257

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