Ceiling Fan Installation Benefits in Sydney

Ceiling Fan Electrician Sutherland Shire

Ceiling Fans Vs Air Conditioning in Sydney Looking at each method’s respective pros and cons, it becomes clear that your options are: A low risk/low reward method in the ceiling fan: It’ll be cheaper to run with no ongoing maintenance costs, and you’re unlikely to have to spend big bucks on fixing a broken fan. A […]

The Importance of Safety Switches


True Local Electricians Explore the importance of RCD Safety Switches A safety switch is a useful safety component for your home’s electrical system. When used in tandem with circuit breakers and surge diverters, safety switches provide maximum protection against electrical fires, power surges and electrocution. This is especially important if you have small children who […]

If a Fuse Blows, What Do You Do?

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Ceramic Fuses The dangers of ceramic fuses can be quite hazardous and some Sutherland Shire homes today still have these old fuses protecting their homes. These type of fuses only protect against short circuit and overload protection and do NOT protect against electric shock which can be quite fatal. They have a bi metal element […]

Five Ways to Breathe Life into Your Shire Home with Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Lighting - Landscape Lighting Electrician

Five Ways to Breathe Life into Your Shire Home with Landscape Lighting Though lighting sometimes gets underrated, there are numerous ways it can enhance your home in the Sutherland Shire. Get the advice of experts on the effect a well-designed outdoor lighting setup can have, and why it’s crucial to use light in the proper […]