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      Smoke Alarm Safety

      The risk of a fatality in a home fire is halved if there is a working smoke alarm in a residential dwelling. Did you know its been over 10 years since smoke alarms became law across NSW, however most smoke alarms are not made to last 10 years. What is the law?

      Fact – When you sleep, you loose your sense of smell therefore there is a slim chance that you will wake up during any fires around the home. The unfortunate statistic is that In NSW 50% of home fires do not have a working smoke alarms installed. Protect your family and home by having your smoke alarms maintained, tested and installed by a licensed electrician from True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire.

      The NSW building code regulations were introduced in 2006 and state that all new buildings in Sutherland Shire must be fitted with smoke alarms. A working fire alarm must be fitted on every storey of a dwelling that contains a bedroom or in a hallway connected with bedrooms. The building code also suggests not placing smoke alarms next or near to cooking appliances however a solution to this is to upgrade to a modern photoelectric fire alarm.

      We provide smoke alarm services to all areas across all the Sutherland Shire including Alfords Point, Bangor, Barden Ridge, Bonnet Bay, Burraneer, Caringbah South, Caringbah, Como, Cronulla, Dolans Bay, Engadine, Grays Point, Green Hills Beach, Gymea, Gymea Bay, Illawong, Jannali, Kangaroo Point, Kareela, Kirrawee, Kurnell, Lilli Pilli, Loftus, Menai, Miranda, Oyster Bay, Port Hacking, Sutherland, Sylvania, Taren Point, Wooloware, Woranora, Woranora Heights, Yowie Bay.

      Electrician installing a new smoke alarm in Caringbah

      FREE Smoke Alarm Safety Inspection & $0 Call Out Fee

      What Type Of Smoke Alarms Do I Need?

      There are two main types of smoke alarms available today, ionisation or photoelectric smoke alarms. The ionisation smoke alarm works on the principal of using a small amount of radioactive material to ionise the air in a chamber were current flows, once smoke enters the chamber the air will decrease resulting in a reduction of current flow which activates the alarm. Ionisation smoke alarms are great for detecting flames however they are becoming obsolete due to only detecting flaming fires which reduces the time it takes for the alarm to activate in the event of a smouldering fire.

      The modern day solution is the photoelectric smoke alarm which is more effective in sensing smouldering fires. A Photoelectric smoke alarm works by having a chamber containing a light source, when smoke enters the chamber the light disperses sounding the alarm. In times where there is a lot of synthetic material furniture, a photoelectric smoke alarm is better as it will respond quicker to the smouldering fires caused by synthetic material. Other advantages for a photoelectric alarm include a reduction in nuisance alarming while cooking, and no radioactive gases present.


      What Smoke Alarms Do We Use?

      At True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire, we use both Brooks and Lifesaver hardwired, 10 year rechargeable lithium battery, so you will not need to change your smoke alarm battery annually. The rechargeable battery will also last an astonishing 3 months without mains power connected to the unit. These alarms provide the maximum protection to your family for detecting smouldering fires. You can read more on the brands of smoke alarms we use by Clicking Here

      For more information, view Fire & Rescue NSW website by Clicking Here

      Smoke Alarm Maintenance Guide

      Useful steps to ensure your family are protected against fires. True Local electricians recommend the following steps to protect your Sutherland Shire home

      Once a month

      Test your smoke alarm batteries every month by pressing and holding the test button for at least five seconds until you hear the beeps. Once the test button is pushed, it will sound the alarm and when released will stop. If the alarm does not sound, there is a problem which will need to be inspected by a licensed electrician from True Local Electricians.

      Every 6 months

      Dust: Vacuum dust off your smoke alarms every six months. Over time dust particles will build up inside the smoke alarm, using a vacuum will remove most of the particles and clean the smoke alarm. Keeping your smoke alarm free of particles to help reduce false alarms and ensure smoke can easily reach the internal sensor.

      Every year

      Battery Replacement: Replace lead or alkaline batteries every 12 months, unless it carries a lithium battery which will last up to 10 years. If a smoke alarm’s battery requires replacement, it will beep every 30 – 60 seconds. If the smoke alarm continues to beep after the battery has been replaced the smoke alarm is faulty and will need to be replaced by a licensed electrician at True Local Electricians.

      Every 10 years

      Replace all smoke alarms with new 10-year lithium powered smoke alarms every 10 years, or earlier if specified by the manufacturer.


      What Is Smoke Alarm Law

      The law overview

      Under Division 7A of Part 9 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, smoke alarms must be installed in all buildings in NSW where people sleep. The smoke alarms must meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS 3786, Smoke Alarms. These provisions came into effect on 1 May 2006. NSW legislation provides for a minimum level of protection; however, Fire and Rescue NSW & True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire recommends owners and occupants consider higher levels of protection.

      For homeowners

      NSW legislation stipulates that smoke alarms must be installed on every level of your home. This includes owner occupied homes, rental properties, relocatable homes, caravans and camper-vans or any other residential building where people sleep. These alarms must be placed in hallways near bedrooms; however, if bedrooms are in different parts of the house, you must have alarms installed in each of these locations. If there are no hallways associated with the bedrooms, alarms must be installed between the part of the home containing the bedroom and the rest of the house. You must have smoke alarms on all levels of your home even if there are no bedrooms located on that level.

      For tenants

      NSW legislation mandates that your landlord is responsible for ensuring your residence meets the minimal requirements of having at least one working smoke alarm installed on every level of your home. Tenants must notify their landlord or agent if they discover that a smoke alarm is not working (this includes when the battery needs to be changed). Tenants must notify their landlord when they change a battery in a smoke alarm or engage a licensed electrician to repair or replace an alarm. The different circumstances where a tenant can change a battery or engage a licensed electrician are provided by the Department of Fair Training NSW’s website. This does not apply to social housing tenants.

      For landlords

      From 23 March 2020, NSW landlords and agents need to ensure that smoke alarms installed in rented properties are in working order.

      Where a smoke alarm is not in working order, landlords and agents must ensure the alarm is repaired (this includes replacing a battery) within 2 business days. Landlords and agents must check smoke alarms every year to ensure they are working.

      Landlords and agents must ensure:

      • smoke alarms are replaced within 10 years of manufacture, or earlier if specified by the manufacturer
      • batteries are installed or replaced every year (or for lithium batteries, in the period specified by the manufacturer).

      Landlords and agents must give at least 2 business days’ notice to inspect or assess the need for smoke alarm repair or replacement, and at least 1 hour notice to carry out repair or replacement of a smoke alarm. Further information to help landlords and agents understand their responsibilities for different types of smoke alarms, and the situations where a tenant can change a battery in a smoke alarm or arrange for a repair can be found at the Department of Fair Training NSW’s website here [external link].

      Smoke Alarm FAQ’s

      Where Do My Smoke Alarms Need To Be Installed?

      Hardwired Smoke Alarms

      Smoke alarms by law need to be installed on every floor of a dwelling in the Sutherland Shire. For the maximum protection we suggest to install smoke alarms in all bedrooms and lounge or dining area of your home. At a minimum should install one smoke alarm per floor level, outside of your bedrooms, either in hallways or stairways. Smoke alarms should be interlink, so once one smoke alarm triggers the others in your home should also sound also. If your home was built prior to 2015, your smoke alarms may not be interlinked and should be checked by a licenced electrician at True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire

      Why is my smoke alarm always beeping?

      If you install smoke alarms in the wrong places the result can be nuisance alarm. We recommend not installing a fire alarm next to a bathroom or laundry as the hot steam from a bath or shower can trigger the alarm. The moisture from your laundry appliances can sound the alarm and create nuisance tripping – Cronulla is especially prone to moisture related smoke alarm beeping. Smoke alarms should also be mounted 3 feet away from ceiling fans as the fan can blow the smoke away from the alarm in the event of a fire. Smoke alarms should not be installed near Windows or sliding doors as smoke can be swept away from the alarm due from a breeze exiting windows or doors. Mounting smoke alarms next to, or near kitchen appliances is also not advisable as the kitchen is a common cause for smoke alarms to nuisance trip causing a false alarm.  If your smoke alarm has been installed incorrectly, please contact us at True Local Electricians to have it professionally moved to another spot in your Sutherland Shire home.

      When Should I Change My Smoke Alarm?

      Smoke alarms do not last forever and should be properly maintained to ensure their effectiveness. Smoke alarms will lose their effectiveness over time due to the build up of dust, termites and electrical corroding. Always check  the manufacturer’s date which is printed on the smoke alarm to make sure it is still in date.  True Local Electricians recommend changing your smoke alarm to modern photoelectric type alarms with a 10 year lithium battery to offer maximum protection. Always use a licensed electrician to install a hard wired smoke alarm.

      How many do I need to buy?

      In addition to the minimum requirement of one smoke alarm per level, Fire and Rescue NSW & True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire recommends installing smoke alarms in all bedrooms and living spaces (including hallways and stairways) and even the garage. NSW legislation requires all residents to have one working smoke alarm installed on each level of their home. This includes owner occupied, rental properties, relocatable homes, caravans and campervans or any other residential building where people sleep. View the smoke alarm installation guide for further information.

      Are there approved smoke alarms?

      All smoke alarms installed in residential accommodation in NSW must meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS 3786.

      Hard-wired or battery operated?

      Fire and Rescue NSW & True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire recommends wherever possible, hard-wired and interconnected smoke alarms are installed. If your alarms cannot be hard-wired, FRNSW recommends smoke alarms that rely on 10-year lithium batteries. Inbuilt 10-year lithium batteries last as long as the smoke alarm so you don’t need to worry about replacing them every year – you simply replace the entire smoke alarm unit once every 10 years.

      Hard-wired smoke alarm

      A hard-wired smoke alarm consists of a 240-volt smoke alarm connected to a home’s electrical system with a battery back-up power supply.

      Battery operated smoke alarm

      Most smoke alarms come with a battery but not all batteries are the same:

      • 10 year lithium batteries:These batteries are recommended and last as long as the smoke alarm.
      • Lead or alkaline batteries:Need to be replaced yearly.

      On 1 May 2006, the NSW Government introduced legislation to ensure all homes have at least one working smoke alarm per floor. As smoke alarms can be affected by dust, insects, humidity and age, they need to be replaced at least every 10 years. Importantly, technology has also evolved and improved over this time. Fire and Rescue NSW & True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire is encouraging NSW residents to ReAlarm their homes by replacing old, outdated smoke alarms a with new interconnected alarms in every bedroom, living space (including hallways and stairways) and even the garage in their home.

      When and why was the smoke alarm legislation introduced?

      On 1 May 2006, the NSW Government introduced new legislation following a series of fatal house fires. This legislation mandated that all residential dwellings in NSW must have at least one working smoke alarm installed on each level of the home. This includes; owner occupied and rental properties, relocatable homes, caravans and campervans or any other residential building where people sleep. Smoke alarms must comply with Australian Standard 3786 (AS3786), which should be clearly marked on the packaging.

      How do people know how old it is?

      To assist in identifying the age of smoke alarms, the AS3786 standard requires a serial number or batch number to be placed on the device. For example, 2406 may mean that the product was manufactured in the 24th week of 2006. Some manufacturers place the date of manufacture on the smoke alarm and some now place the expiry date on the smoke alarm. The batch numbers or dates are usually on the base of the smoke alarm near the battery compartment.

      Where should smoke alarms be positioned?

      There are minimum requirements needed to meet the Building Legislation Amendment (Smoke Alarms) Act 2005; however, Fire and Rescue NSW & True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire recommends a higher level of protection with the installation of interconnected alarms in every bedroom, living space (including hallways and stairways) and even the garage in your home. Under the Act, different types of premises require smoke alarms to be installed in various locations. For residential dwellings, a smoke alarm must be installed on each level of the home. The alarm should be installed between the kitchen and sleeping areas, close enough to be heard from the bedrooms. A common mistake is that smoke alarms are installed too close to the kitchen or bathroom. Fire and Rescue NSW & True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire recommends installing interconnected alarms in every bedroom, living space (including hallways and stairways) and even the garage.

      How should residents maintain their smoke alarms (testing / batteries etc)?

      Fire and Rescue NSW & True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire recommends the following maintenance:

      Every month: Smoke alarms should be tested (by pressing the test button) to ensure the battery and the alarm work.

      Every six months: Smoke alarms should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. This will remove any dust or particles that could prevent the smoke alarm from working properly.

      Once a year: If your smoke alarm has a battery, you should replace it annually. A good way to remember is to change it when you change your clocks at the end of Daylight Saving. If your smoke alarm uses a lithium battery, it is inbuilt into the alarm and cannot be replaced. The entire unit needs to be replaced every 10 years.

      Every 10 years: Replace your smoke alarm. Smoke alarms do not last forever and the sensitivity in all smoke alarms will reduce over time. All types of smoke alarms should be removed, replaced and disposed of at least every 10 years.

      Why do people need to replace their alarms?

      According to Fire and Rescue NSW & True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire data, 56% of fatal home fires between 2000 and 2014 occurred in homes where no smoke alarms were present. A working smoke alarm provides a critical early warning, giving you and your family time to escape. It can take as little as three minutes for a fire to take hold and takes only two quick breaths of thick, black smoke to render someone unconscious.

      Fire and Rescue NSW & True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire is encouraging NSW residents to ReAlarm their homes by replacing old, outdated smoke alarms with new interconnected alarms in every bedroom, living space (including hallways and stairways) and even the garage in their home.

      It’s also important to recognise that technology has evolved and improved over the past 10 years, with new smoke alarms having multiple sensor technologies in the one device.

      What if I’m hard of hearing or I can’t change my smoke alarm myself?

      There are a number of different types of smoke alarms available: photoelectric, ionisation, multi-criteria and dual-sensor. Carbon monoxide alarms are not smoke alarms and do not satisfy the legislation and may only be used in addition to smoke alarms for increased warning. Specialist alarms for the deaf and hearing impaired, alarms with emergency lights, and special models for kitchens and relocatable homes are also available. All of these smoke alarms differ in how they detect smoke and/or alert people. Strobe light and vibrating pad smoke alarms are available for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. For more information contact True Local Electricians via the online “Contact Us Now”. Fire and Rescue NSW & True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire can also assist the elderly or those physically unable to change a smoke detector battery. Contact your local fire station here.

      How often do I need to change my smoke alarm?

      Each smoke alarm unit should be replaced at least once every 10 years.

      How do I install them?

      Hard-wired smoke alarms must be installed by a licensed electrician from True Local Electricians. Always install smoke alarms in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. If it is difficult for you to fit one yourself, contact your local Fire and Rescue NSW & True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire station for advice.

      How do I dispose of old ionisation smoke alarms?

      You can safely throw out up to 10 ionisation smoke alarms in your household waste garbage bin. If you need to dispose of more than 10 smoke alarms, see the statement below.

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      Frequently Asked Emergency Electrical Questions

      Why Does My Safety Switch Keep Tripping?

      If you have a repeated tripped switch, the most common issue is a faulty appliance. However, other issues may be nuisance tripping and faulty wiring. Contact True Local Electricians for a same-day electrician to fix your problem.

      When Do I Need A Switchboard Upgrade?

      You should consider a switchboard upgrade when your switchboard is overcrowded, your appliances trip, flickering lights, outdated Fuse, smell burning, or you can see sparks and melted or blackened fuses. Contact True Local Electricians for a switchboard upgrade today!

      Can You Perform A FREE Electrical Safety Inspection?

      True Local Electricians will provide you with a FREE electrical safety inspection on all of our jobs. Save hundreds of dollars for what other companies charge. This is to ensure that all of our clients have safe and clean electrical systems running 24/7.

      I Smell Electricity Burning, What Should I Do?

      If you smell electricity burning you should contact True Local Electricians for an emergency electricity. The reasons for this burning smell may be due to loose circuit breaker wires, overloaded wiring or faulty circuit breakers.

      When Does My Electrical Equipment Need An Upgrade?

      Your circuit breaker will need an upgrade when it becomes faulty due to wear and tear or an electrical issue. You should always get frequent electrical checks to ensure optimal performance. We proudly offer a FREE electrical inspection on each job.

      How Long Will It Take For An Electrician To Arrive In An Emergency?

      As we have 24 hr emergency electricians working around the clock. Our average dispatch time is approximately less than 60 minutes. In the meantime, if it is a serious emergency issue you can have a look at the SES’s top electrical safety tips while you wait for assistance.

      Why Isn’t My Hot Water System Working?

      The most common electrical issues are when your circuit breaker is tripped and will not stay back on and there is a problem with your thermostat. Regardless of the issue, True Local Electricians can do it all including the plumbing works to save you money.

      Why Are My Lights Flickering?

      If your lights are continuously flickering this may be due to a loose bulb, loose connection, voltage increase or the type of light. This potentially could be either a minor or a major electrical fault if not dealt with properly.

      What Do I Do With A Beeping Smoke Alarm?

      If your smoke alarm is continuously beeping than this may be a sign of it needing a battery replacement. However, this may also be due to a ended life span of 8-10 years. If you need an electrician to install a new one, contact True Local Electricians today!

      What Is The Difference Between A Fuse Box And Safety Box?

      Although they both perform the same function which is safety protection. A fuse box protected appliances from electrical spikes. Whereas a safety box protects people from general electrical hazards. True Local Electrician’s specialises in fuse box upgrades!

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