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Commercial Electrician Sutherland Shire


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Commercial Electrician Sutherland Shire


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True Local Electrician - Electricians Sutherland Shire - Emergency Electrician

Commercial Electrician Sutherland Shire

Commercial Electrician Sutherland Shire – All Electrical Services to Offices, Factories, Restaurants & Retail Shops – to book a FREE quote, call us on 0423 562 257 

Emergency Electrician - 24/7 Electrician Sutherland Shire

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Our professional Sutherland Shire Electricians are fully Qualified, Licensed & Insured to work on both Residential & Commercial properties

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Commercial Electrician Sutherland Shire

At True Local we specialise in all Commercial electrician services within the Sutherland Shire. We understand the importance of fixing your commercial electrical issues as soon as possible to keep your business running. Whether you have a commercial Office, Shop, Factory, Restaurant, we can cater for all your electrical needs.

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Office & Retail LED Lighting

If you are looking to have new LED lights installed or upgrade your existing lighting, we install a comprehensive range of commercial lights including Down lights, Batten Lights, High Bay Lighting, Track Lighting, Troffer Lighting, LED Panel Lights, Pendant Lights & Oyster Lights. LED Lights are the latest in lighting technology boosting longevity, improved brightness and can use around 85% less electricity than standard light bulbs and last up to fifty times longer. We have years of experience & can help with expert advice on switching to LED lighting throughout your office to start saving on power today.

Having the correct type of commercial lighting and brightness is essential for your work place depending on the industry and clientele you have. In offices and retail spaces, we recommend using a neutral or cool white light which has been proven to boost productivity amongst staff. When considering your lighting needs, we will also consider the LUX levels which is a measure of the strength and amount of light which will fall on the desired area. Most modern lights are also a lot more Energy efficient than older style Fluro & troffer office lighting, therefore upgrading your lighting will see you achieve lower electricity bills from your commercial office. We will also propose motion sensors in bathrooms, meeting rooms, kitchen and stairwells to further reduce your energy bills as the lights only come on when motion is detected from people in the spaces.

We at True Local Electricians always recommend upgrading to LED lighting options as the next best thing to natural sun light. As well as the energy saving benefits over the older style halogen & incandescent bulbs, you have complete light level control and distribution. In most offices and retail spaces contain lighting which is recessed, downlights and panel lights which are good choices to evenly distribute light also with the option of tri coloured switches to pick your desired lighting colour. Pendant lighting is another option which may suit smaller professional offices, which can add gentle ambient light to your office space. Alternatively, you may consider track lighting which is common in illumination of reception, bathrooms and kitchen areas.

New Home Electrician - Renovation Electrician

Office Fit-outs

Office, Shop & Restaurant fitouts can be a complex electrical requirement as there is an element of planning required to achieve a practical layout, whilst also working with multiple trades at a time. We understand that time is of the essence as your business needs to get up and running as soon as possible to generate an income. As commercial electricians, we provide all aspects of the electrical installation of your business including power points, network data cat 6 cable in an office or retail space. Once the electrical infrastructure is in place it will allow a connection to all your office equipment including computers, printers, and security systems. It is also important to future proof your business by allowing for extra equipment which may be installed as your business grows and new upgrades become available. Depending on your businesses equipment, we can provide power outlets from 10amp, 20amp and 32amp to meet the power requirement of the device which you need hard wiring.

Commercial Electrician Sutherland Shire

Network Data Cabling – Cat 6

Data cabling is the network of cat 6 cables which connect all your computer, printers and office infrastructure. We offer the latest in high speed network cabling to ensure your business operates a the speed you need, and most importantly your equipment is in the right places which you need them. We can supply all networking requirement from cabling, optic fibre, to data storage racking to ensure you have the best in IT.


Exit and Emergency Lighting


Emergency lighting is different from your standard lights as it is typically wired up to internal batteries so light is continuously available when power fails in an emergency. It is a requirement under the building code of Australia that commercial premises must have emergency and exit lighting in place. These rules include:


  • If the area of a floor is more than 300m2, exit and emergency lighting must be installed
  • Fire isolated stairwells, passageways and ramps are areas that must have emergency lighting
  • Emergency lighting must be tested every 6 months, ensuring all emergency and exit lighting is functioning
  • Emergency lighting requirements will vary depending on the building class of the premises, building class must be identified and emergency lighting requirements must be followed for that particular class.
Commercial Electrician Sutherland Shire

RCD Safety Testing & Installation

Residual Current devices, or RCD’s for short are a requirement for all new dwellings in the Sutherland Shire and Sydney. They are designed to protect people from electric shock in the event of an electrical fault. RCD’s are designed to monitor your circuit and detect an earth leakage in under 20 milliseconds, and cut the power to reduce the risk of electric shock and injury. Furthermore, an RCD will also add protection against fire damage due to faulty appliances or an over loaded cable. Australian electrical standards suggest that businesses are to have RCD’s tested every 6 months to stay compliant. We strongly recommend that all businesses have RCD Safety switches installed in Offices, Shops & Restaurants to protect staff from any of your equipment which may become faulty or used inappropriately.

Switchboard Repair Sutherland Shire - Switchboard Upgrade - Safety Switch Installation

Flood & Security Lighting

Flood lights are an important option to improve the safety of your premises by spreading light in public areas at night for your patrons and staff. Flood lights can be triggered by motion sensor or by a PE day/night cell which can act as a security measure to deter any unwanted trouble afterhours.


Flood lights have come a long way and are no longer the lamps such as metal halide, mercury vapour and high pressure sodium. Typically these old lamps were also used in conjunction with a ballast and was slow to produce light as the ballast needed to heat up to produce light. The modern solution we supply now is low powered LED lighting options which produce the same amount of light instantly, low power and brighter via a small LED chip to produce light. We also can install LED high bay lighting in commercial warehouse floors. Contact our commercial electricians and get your flood lights installed in the Sutherland Shire today

Security Lighting Installation - Electrician Sutherland Shire

Testing & Tagging

Our Commercial Electricians off testing and tagging of your electrical equipment. Testing and tagging is not a legislative requirement, however it is important to note that the business owner has a duty of care to their staff to provide a safe working environment. Testing and tagging will ensure the safety of your employees and minimising the risk of an electrical hazard occurring. We recommend completing testing and tagging by a commercial electrician every 3 to 6 months to reduce the risk of electrical shock and hazards occurring.

Electrical Fault Repairs - Wiring Repairs - Electrician Repairs

Frequently Asked Emergency Electrical Questions

Why Does My Safety Switch Keep Tripping?

If you have a repeated tripped switch, the most common issue is a faulty appliance. However, other issues may be nuisance tripping and faulty wiring. Contact True Local Electricians for a same-day electrician to fix your problem.

When Do I Need A Switchboard Upgrade?

You should consider a switchboard upgrade when your switchboard is overcrowded, your appliances trip, flickering lights, outdated Fuse, smell burning, or you can see sparks and melted or blackened fuses. Contact True Local Electricians for a switchboard upgrade today!

Do you offer a FREE Electrical Safety Inspection?

True Local Electricians will provide you with a FREE electrical safety inspection on all of our jobs. Save hundreds of dollars for what other companies charge. This is to ensure that all of our clients have safe and clean electrical systems running 24/7.

I Smell Electricity Burning, What Should I Do?

If you smell electricity burning you should contact True Local Electricians for an emergency electricity. The reasons for this burning smell may be due to loose circuit breaker wires, overloaded wiring or faulty circuit breakers.

When Does My Electrical Equipment Need An Upgrade?

Your circuit breaker will need an upgrade when it becomes faulty due to wear and tear or an electrical issue. You should always get frequent electrical checks to ensure optimal performance. We proudly offer a FREE electrical inspection on each job.

How Long Will It Take For An Electrician To Arrive In An Emergency?

As we have 24 hr emergency electricians working around the clock. Our average dispatch time is approximately less than 60 minutes. In the meantime, if it is a serious emergency issue you can have a look at the SES’s top electrical safety tips while you wait for assistance.

Why Isn’t My Hot Water System Working?

The most common electrical issues are when your circuit breaker is tripped and will not stay back on and there is a problem with your thermostat. Regardless of the issue, True Local Electricians can do it all including the plumbing works to save you money.

Why Are My Lights Flickering?
If you have lights which are continuously flickering this may be due to a loose connection, loose bulb, or a voltage increase to your lighting. This electrical fault will require a free inspection from our qualified electricians.

What Do I Do With A Beeping Smoke Alarm?

If your smoke alarm is continuously beeping than this may be a sign of it needing a battery replacement. However, this may also be due to a ended life span of 8-10 years. If you need an electrician to install a new one, contact True Local Electricians today!

What Is The Difference Between A Fuse Box And Safety Box?

Although they both perform the same function which is safety protection. A fuse box protected appliances from electrical spikes. Whereas a safety box protects people from general electrical hazards. True Local Electrician’s specialises in fuse box upgrades!

Fully Qualified and Insured – Call Out Electrician

True Local Electricians provide rapid emergency electrician services to residential and commercial electrical services throughout The Sutherland Shire. We’ve been the reliable electrician for home and business owners in Sydney for more than 15 years. This has allowed us to foster a strong reputation for quality, affordability and fantastic customer service. Electrical problems seem to always occur at times where you least expect them to. They can immediately impact bottom line or a seemingly smooth flowing weekend. Rest assured that just in case trouble occurs, we are always a phone call away as we have fully stocked vans in The Sutherland Shire.

Our team are fully qualified electrician with extensive industry experience. We always provide a rapid response and we offer every single electrical service. This varies from re-wiring, switchboard upgrades, power point installation, fault diagnosis, routine maintenance, LED lighting and Level 2 electrician services. If you are business experiencing electrical problems, leave it completely to our Sutherland Shire emergency electricians. We guarantee to have you back up and running in no time whatsoever. For instance, faulty wiring and repeated electrical failures indicate a significant issue. Don’t risk your safety or your family’s safety – call a local emergency electrician now.