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Level 2 Electrician
Sutherland Shire


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Level 2 Electrician
Sutherland Shire


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Fill-in your details and we will be in touch to schedule a Free Quote for your Electrical Service.

ASP Level 2 Electrician Sutherland Shire Services

Our Level 2 Electricians Sutherland Shire provide all level 2 electrical services big and small to all suburbs in the Sutherland Shire. Call our Level 2 Electrician today for a free quote on 0423 562 257.

ASP Level 2 Electrician Sutherland Shire - True Local Electricians - MPD & SPD Installation
Sutherland Shire Level 2 Electrician

Do you need an accredited Level 2 Electrician Sutherland Shire? True Local Electricians provide all residential & commercial Level 2 electrical services to Sutherland Shire, including defect report rectification, switchboard upgrades, 3 phase electricity upgrades, consumer mains replacement & point of attachments. As a small aussie family business from the Sutherland Shire, we pride ourselves on providing quality long lasting workmanship. Need proof? We are local business awards finalists in the Sutherland Shire in 2023, and hold over 140+ 5 star reviews making us one of the best rated Level 2 Electrician Sutherland Shire.

For a FREE quote phone us 24/7 on 0423 562 257
Level 2 Electrician Sutherland Shire - ASP Level 2 Electrician

Ausgrid ASP Level 2 Defect Notice

If you have received a “Customer Installation / Private Mains Defect Report” or Electrical Defect Notice, please contract us for a FREE quote to have the issue rectified. In order to clear a defect notice, the home owner is required to contract a licensed ASP Level 2 electrician to perform repairs or upgrades to their home electrical system. Once completed, the Level 2 electrician will submit rectification paperwork to Ausgrid or the applicable energy supplier. Depending on what area you are in, electrical defect notices can be issued by Ausgrid, Vector, Endeavour Energy or Essential Energy as your electrical equipment has been deemed to be in breach of NSW Safety requirements.

Customer Installation / Private Mains Defect Report

Common reasons that electrical defect notices are given: 

  • Private overhead/underground cables are damaged/deteriorated
  • Point of Attachment where Ausgrids overhead service line attaches is damaged, does not have the required minimum ground clearance, or does not have satisfactory access & requires repair
  • Defective mains box & consumer mains
  • Power pole is damaged
  • Electrical service is damaged or unserviceable,
  • Overhead cable does not have the required ground clearance of 3 meters,
  • The Crossarm on the private pole is damaged or unserviceable,
  • Private overhead lines do not have the minimum safety clearance to ground and require retentioning,
  • Ausgrids overhead or underground service cable has been damaged and requires replacing
  • Tree’s adjacent to the private overhead lines do not have required clearance,   
  • Defective or missing equipment,
  • Missing Service Fuses / No Service Fuses
  • Broken point of attachments which are hanging off a roof,
  • Old switchboards with porcelain fuses, old or missing service fuses, and asbestos panels,
  • Low hanging overhead cables,
  • FM:7100 metering installation defects,
  • Metering family defects,
  • Defective mains box,
  • Tree’s falling onto cables,
  • Sagging powerlines,
  • Rusted equipment – Rusty power poles & point of attachments,
  • Requirement for a Riser Bracket
  • Old and deteriorated VIR Cable or Cotton Sheet Cable
  • The supply to the property was disconnected for safety


The property owner has up to 21 days to contact an ASP level 2 electrician to fix issues listed on a defect notice. The level 2 electrician must perform the repair and submit a NOSW notice to Ausgrid to have the defect cleared. If you exceed the 21 day period, the property will be disconnected from the main power network which will result in the loss of all access to electricity network until the repairs are complete.

ASP Level 2 Electrician - Ausgrid Customer Installation & Private Mains Defect Report, True Local Electricians
ASP Level 2 Electrician - Ausgrid Defect Report
Level 2 Electrician Sutherland Shire - ASP Level 2 Electrician
Level 2 Electrician Defect Report

Switchboard Repair & Switchboard Upgrade

The switchboard is the heart of your homes electrical system and controls how electricity is routed throughout your home. If your switchboard contains any unsafe equipment or does not meet modern standards, Ausgrid will issue a defect notice which requires the home owner to contact an ASP level 2 electrician to perform repairs or and upgrade. Switchboards of the past were called fuse boxes and weren’t designed to accommodate the higher electricity needs of modern appliances, as the technology didn’t exist at the time. If your home still have the original porcelain ceramic fuses, your switchboard may need to be upgraded to modern standards which will not only provide stable current to your appliances, but also provide protection against electrical fires, overloading and electrocutions. As part of our services, we can convert your old fuses, or circuit breakers to individual RCD/RCBO safety switches. Read more about our switchboard repair services.

Reasons why you should upgrade your Switchboard:

  • You have received an Electrical Defect Report Received from Ausgrid for unsafe electrical equipment
  • Your Switchboard does not have Service Fuses
  • You have a fuse box with plug in fuses or plug in circuit breakers
  • A renovation is approaching, and you need a switchboard relocation
  • Upgrade from single phase to three phase power
  • Your electrical switchboard is causing safety concerns
    • Power Outages or Lost Power to some circuits in your home
    • Smokey smell coming from your switchboard or Power Point 
    • Flickering lights
    • Crackling noises from your fuse box
    • Sparking from your Switchboard or Power Outlet
    • You smell a smoky odor, electrical sparking, have a power outage, or the lights are flickering.
  • Your home has recently been renovated, and your electrical load may have increased.
  • Your house wiring is old and under sized and may need re-wiring

If you are concerned about your homes switchboard and would like to schedule a FREE safety inspection from an ASP level 2 electrician Sutherland Shire, book online here.

Point of Attachment

Your Point of Attachment bracket or POA as commonly referred is the main bracket which supports the over head aerial electricity wires as they come in from the street to your home. Commonly the bracket will be attached to the eves of your home and feed your switchboard via consumer mains cables. In older homes, the point of attachment and its supporting wood can deteriorate causing the cables to sag or become dethatched. Your point of attachment can be subject to a level 2 defect notice if it does not meet current guideline, the most common being a 3 meter clearance between the ground and the overhead cables. In circumstances where there is not sufficient clearance, a riser bracket can be installed. If you have been defected, please phone us, your local ASP Level 2 electrician on 0423 562 257 to perform a Point of Attachment Replacement.

Level 2 Electrician Sutherland Shire - ASP Level 2 Electrician
Point of Attachment

Consumer Mains

Consumer mains which an ASP Level 2 Electrician installs are the electrical cables running from the Point of Attachment, through the roof cavity to the switchboard which supplies your home with electricity from the street. Alternatively they can be installed through underground measures, at a private pole at the front of the property. 

Why Upgrade Old Consumer Mains?

In homes in the Sutherland Shire which date pre 1990’s, the Consumer Mains are typically 6mm which was the standard at the time. Today’s modern standard is 16mm XLPE consumer mains which has been uprated to support all the power hungry technology we now have standard in homes. Homes with 6mm consumer main cables are more likely to overload due to their undersize which can lead to electrical fires, burning wires, power outages and electrocution risks. Generally speaking, a 6mm cable has a rating of 40amps, whereas a 16mm cable rates to 63amps and should be used accordingly.

VIR Cables and Consumer Mains

Older homes in The Sutherland Shire which pre date 1990 may have consumer mains cables made from VIR (Vulcanised Indian Rubber). These wires are no longer used and deemed a hazard as they have been known to deteriorate over time and present electrocution risks, electrical fires, electrical short circuits. As they age, the insulation deteriorates away from the conductors which exposes live electricity if touched. In many cases, the VIR cables were installed in steel conduits – if the exposed live cables were to contact the conduit, it could potentially transfer live electricity all over the home.


XLPE Cable – The Modern Standard

Cross-Linked Polyethylene 16mm XLPE consumer mains are the safest and modern day standard for all consumer mains installations in the Sutherland Shire. This cable is now the norm in any new installations in Sutherland Shire domestic & residential buildings and have a minimum size of 16mm in all applications. The benefits of XLPE cables are stronger insulation, impact resistance, cut and heat resistance, which make them a great replacement to the old 6mm cables of the past and futureproof voltage increases. Consumer Mains installations need to be completed by a qualified ASP Level 2 Electrician from True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire.

Consumer Mains Electrical Defect Notices

Consumer mains are the most common part of your electrical system which Ausgid may find not compliant and issue you with a defect notice to have the issue rectified. Once a defect is issued by Ausgid, an ASP Level 2 Electrician is required to install new consumer mains to your Sutherland Shire property and upgrade your electrical services to modern standards inline with the New South Wales Standard Electricity Service & Installation Rules. For more information on how to handle Ausgrid Electrical Defect Notices and Endeavour Energy Notices, please contact us.

Meter Upgrades Sutherland Shire

Electricity retailers are progressively upgrading Sutherland Shire homes to new Smart Meters. If your retailer has come to install a new smart meter and deemed your electrical equipment not safe, you can be issued with an electrical defect notice which requires a Level 2 Electrician to rectify the issue. An electrical meter displays the amount of electricity which is being consumed which your electricity retailer then uses to calculate your charges. Most Smart Meters report back to the electrical retailer automatically, however for older homes a meter reader needs to read the meter a few times per year. Smart Meters in NSW are now compulsory for all new installations, mandated by Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy. True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire can carry out reliable and professional electric meter work. Our electricians are licensed to operate with any electrical meter type while operating with meters under any electrical retailer. We work across all of the Sutherland Shire, and are able to assist you with any Level 2 work.

Private Power Pole Replacement

The Private Power Pole is the pole at the front of a property which supports the ariel power cables from the electricity grid to your Sutherland Shire property. Connections are able to be shared amongst multiple homes, then the private pole electrical power line allows the electricity to be diverted to a single property. The connection then flows to to the main electrical switchboard where it is distributed to parts of the home. The property owner is responsible for the installation and maintenance of a private electricity pole. If your private pole is deemed to be unsafe, an electrical defect notice can be issued in which you will be required to phone a level 2 electrician like True Local Electricians for assistance. Private poles are often installed for new homes/installations and existing houses where the current pole is wooden or metal and showing signs of rust and deterioration.

Galvanised Steel Private Electricity Pole

We provide all Galvanised steel private power pole installations within the Sutherland Shire. Galvanised steel power poles are rust resistant due to a zinc coating and designed to last a minimum of 15years. The benefits of a private pole is that cabling is run inside the pole and not exposed like timber poles. Unfortunately, once the layer of zinc wears away rust can form and begin to decompose the metal. This is especially prevalent in places near saltwater like Cronulla Beach 2230 in The Sutherland Shire.

Electrical Defect Notices For Private Power Poles

If a safety issue has been identified with an existing pole, electricity providers such as Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential energy can issue you with a defect notice. Common safety concerns include tree’s and vegetation growing close or over the pole, rust which compromises the structural integrity, damage to the pole or rotting of wood. An ASP Level 2 Electrician from True Local Electricians will need to perform the repairs and clear the defect notice. If repairs are not made within 21-30 days, the main power supply to the building will be shut-off.

After Hours & Emergency Level 2 Electricians Sutherland Shire

If you are experiencing an emergency, we offer 24/7 After Hours Level 2 Electrician services to the Sutherland Shire. If you need afterhours service, call our Level 2 Electrician on 0423 562 257

Frequently Asked Questions – ASP Level 2 Electrician Sutherland Shire

If you have received an electrical defect notice please contract True Local Electricians to have the issue rectified by our Level 2 electrician. Defect notices are issued by Ausgrid, Endeavour energy & Essential Energy if your electrical equipment has been deemed to be unsafe and not to the standard specified in the New South Wales Standard Electricity Service & Installation Rules. Common reasons can include: dangerous or missing equipment, point of attachment issues, outdated switchboards, low hanging overhead cables, vegetation falling onto cables and weakened powerlines / power poles. The property owner has up to 21 days to contact a level 2 electrician to fix the issue. If you exceed the 21 day period, the property may be disconnected from the electricity grid.

An electrical Defect Notice is another name for a Customer Installation / Private Mains Defect Report. This is a report which is issued by Ausgrid and identifies parts of a homes electrical system which do not meet current safety standards. Ausgrid requires the home owner to rectify the concerns within 21 days.

A level 2 electrician is a specially trained and qualified electrician that can connect and disconnect a property to and from the electricity grid, which can include above and underground electrical connections.

Only level 2 electricians can install private power poles due to the high risks involved. True Local Electricians hold the necessary training and qualifications to install a new private pole in the Sutherland Shire.

A Level 2 Electrician Sutherland Shire can carry out upgrades and repairs to damaged cables, deteriorated consumer mains, upgrading meter panel, upgrade switchboards, replacement of VIR & cotton sheath cables.

Electricians in Sydney & the Sutherland Shire who perform high risk electrical work are required to undertake certain training. Typically the types of work is broken up into three classes. More specifically, an ASP Level 2 Electrician is qualified to perform energise, deenergise and perform electrical service work to overhead wires, underground wires and service lines to the electricity grid network. Level 2 Electricians performing work to the Sutherland Shire must hold an ASP (Accredited & Authorised Service Provider) qualification provided by Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy under the Electricity Supply Act 1995.

This is a specialist qualification for an electrician to perform work on live electrical services including overhead or underground. Those with level 2 electrical qualification can also perform electrical installations, electrical repairs and electrical maintenance works. ASP Level 2 Electrician duties include:

  • Disconnect a premises from the electricity grid network (class 2A).
  • Install, upgrade and/or energise an underground service line to connect a premises to the electricity network (class 2B).
  • Install, upgrade and/or energise an overhead service line to connect your premises to the electricity network (class 2C).
  • Install and/or upgrade network devices, like Off Peak/Controlled load devices (class 2D).

Commonly referred to as D&R (disconnect and reconnect), this electrical service involves operating directly on electrical service lines which supply a building with power. You may require this service after having receiving an electrical defect notice for compliance issues with your consumer mains, point of attachment and private power pole connection.

Connecting electricity via underground service wires to the distribution electricity network. Require to replac service protection devices, meter protection devices and neutral link wiring

Installing, upgrading and connecting electricity via overhead service wires to the distribution electricity network. Replacing overhead service protection devices and neutral wiring links

Energising and deenergising electricity at properties at the switchboard (at the network device) at the customer’s request. ASPs can only carry out this service if they are a provider with the Australian Energy Marketing Operator (AEMO)

An ASP is a business that employs suitably qualified individuals to:

  • connect a home, business or other property to the electricity distribution network
  • get more electricity from the distribution network than is possible at the moment
  • extend the network to reach a property.

This work may include repairs required by a distributor or increasing power to run additional appliance such as air conditioners.

The Electricity Supply Act 1995 gives electricity customers the right to choose who carries out this work. However, only ASPs may undertake this kind of work in NSW to ensure the distribution network and connection to the network remain reliable and safe.