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    Need a Licensed Residential Electrician in Alfords Point, 2234? Call 0423 562 257 for 24/7 Emergency & Same Day service.

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      Why Choose True Local Electricians?

      We are an Aussie family owned business supporting Alfords Point Locals for over 15 years and would love to use our expertise to help you with your electrical needs!

      Free Quotes & no call out fee sutherland Shire electrician

      FREE Quotes &
      $0 Call Out

      No Gimmicks – FREE in-home quote & NO Call Out Fee to Alfords Point. We offer Fixed Price services before we begin work, so there’s no surprises

      Emergency Electrician - 24/7 Electrician - 24 Hour Electrician

      24hr & Same Day
      Rapid Response

      Our Electricians near you are On Call 24 Hours & will attend to your electrical emergency no matter what time of day or night


      Qualified, Licensed & Insured

      Our professional Alfords Point Electricians are fully Qualified, Licensed & Insured to work on both Residential & Commercial properties

      True Local Electricians Aussie Locals from Sutherland Shire

      Aussie Sutherland Shire Locals

      Aussie Owned & Operated by Aussie Sutherland Shire Locals – Based in Cronulla

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      Affordable Fixed Prices
      & Seniors Discount

      We offer Affordable, Fixed Price services before we begin work so there’s no surprises. Even cheaper with our Seniors Discount

      Lifetime Warranty on Electrical Services. True Local Electricians


      We Provide a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty for piece of mind. We Guarantee our work & will fix any workmanship faults for FREE!

      What Can We Help You With?

      Whether you need a Light Bulb replaced or have an Electrical Emergency, we are here to help with Affordable, Expert & Rapid Service

      Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship

      Special Offer

      Local Electrician Lighting voucher

      Local Alfords Point Electrician

      Affordable Aussie Electrician

      True Local Electricians can help! We are your local Aussie Alfords Point electricians specialising in residential & commercial electrical repairs and installs. We are an honest, reliable and local Aussie owned family business supporting other Local families in Alfords Point. Being local electricians near you, we offer FREE Quotes & No hidden Call Out Fee’s…. Ever. From our family to yours we are happy to attend your property and provide a FREE in-home quote and give you our expert advice on your electrical jobs. We offer affordable fixed prices which are fairly priced before we begin work, so there is no nasty surprises! We always look after our Local Alfords Point Seniors – if you have a valid pension card we will apply a Seniors discount to your service making it even cheaper!

      Electrician Sutherland Shire

      All Jobs Big & Small!

      Whether you are renovating and need your home re-wired, looking for options to upgrade all your lighting to low power LED options, or simply need assistance in changing a light globe, we are here to help while guaranteeing friendly and on time service.

      Local Electrician installing a switchboard in the sutherland shire

      Alfords Point, Sutherland Shire Council
      24/7 Emergency & Same Day Electrician Service

      Do you have No Power? Burned Fuse? Tripping Switches? Lights not working? Burning Smell? a Loud Bang? We are Electricians near you and on call 24/7 to help rapidly with your Electrical Emergency. Your Emergency is our priority! Is your residence the only one in the entire street without electricity or has a pet chewed up your electrical wiring? These kinds of electrical emergencies should be promptly resolved. Our 24/7 Alfords Point electrical contractors are always ready to assist you regardless of what time of day or night you may need electrical assistance. Just call us on 0423 562 257 and we will be there to provide you with electrical solutions & repairs on the same day.

      Expert Master Electrician

      True Local Electricians are fully trained master electricians which means that you get quality, long lasting work carried out by licensed professionals. Our team are all Local Alfords Point electricians servicing customers across all The Sutherland Shire delivering professional yet affordable electrical services to residents and business owners in Alfords Point. Our Alfords Point technicians are equipped with fully stocked service vans ready to fix a range of common electrical faults or issues right through to new installations of electrical appliances, lighting, wiring or electrical upgrades.

      Electrician Sutherland Shire

      About Alfords Point, NSW 2234

      The Sutherland Shire suburb of Alfords Point, is a 28 km drive from the Sydney city centre. Alfords Point is located in the Sutherland Shire Council and is close to Menai, Illawong and Bangor suburbs. Being next to the Georges River, Alfords Point postcode 2234 enjoys some great riverside parklands, as well as beautiful natural bushland which boasts some great trail walks. For all your shopping needs, head on down to Brushwood Drive where you will find a collection of shops in Alfords Point.

      Local Electrician installing a switchboard in the Como

      Switchboard Faults & RCD Safety Switch Upgrades

      Safety switches protect you from electric shock. They turn off the electricity within milliseconds when a current leak is detected. This can happen if a faulty power point, wiring or electrical appliance is being used. If you have a blown fuse, or your switch clicks off with a “bang” or a “flash,” don’t touch it anymore! This is an indicator of a “hard fault” which could cause the breaker or the appliance to explode if you keep trying to close the breaker. Call us immediately for a FREE safety inspection in your Alfords Point home on 0423 562 257.


      The switchboard controls how all of the electricity is routed throughout your home, ensuring power can reach all areas of your home. However, the switchboards of the past weren’t designed to accommodate the higher electricity needs of modern appliances, as the technology didn’t exist at the time. If you have old & obsolete ceramic fuses, your switchboard may need to be upgraded to a newer model to give your appliances and other electronics the stable current they need to operate optimally. We will convert your ceramic fuses, or out dated circuit breakers to individual RCD/RCBO safety switches. Switchboards with ceramic fuses present a fire hazard with modern day electrical demands, and as such should be replaced. Ceramic fuses could put you and your family at risk of electric shock and be a fire hazard to your home. True Local Electricians are Switchboard Specialists in the Sutherland Shire and can update your electrical panel to new circuit breaker/safety switch RCD’s. If you have Porcelain Fuse’s in your switchboard you should upgraded as soon as possible

      Other reasons to request a Free Switchboard safety inspection from us if you have:

      • Hard-wired circuit breaker switchboard.
      • A renovation is approaching, and you need to relocate your electrical switchboard
      • Having air-conditioning installed
      • Smell a smoky odor, a power outage, or the lights flickering.
      • Your home has recently been revamped, and your electrical load may have increased.
      • A pool pump was added

      If you would like to schedule a FREE safety inspection of your switchboard, phone us on 0423 562 257

      Ceramic Fuses & Old Wiring need to be replaced immediately. Hazards to look out for are signs of black smoldering or any melting around the ceramic fuse and cabling entering the fuse holder. If black smolder marks are present in any of your home wiring then you should consider having your switchboard upgraded immediately to safety switches which will provide you with protection. With modern appliances requiring more power draw wattage, your old switchboard was never equipped to deal with the new power consumption demands and over time new appliances will trip, overload and possibly short circuit resulting in damaged cabling which will add to your repair costs. Do your Lights Flicker or have you noticed the lighting socket is Black/Brown when you remove the old incandescent globe? You may have fluctuation in voltage issues which you need to have inspected. Over time your voltage is increased by your supply authority making it much harder for your old switchboard to handle the changes. Adding safety switches will prevent this problem and make you and your home safer and AS3000 compliant.

      RCD/RCBO – Residual Current Device/Residual Current Device Overload

      An RCD has one function where by it protects and detect the circuit of any earth leakage currents in your homes electricity circuits. In other words, an RCD is protecting you against a fatal electric shock when coming into contact with exposed electric wires or copper piping. On the other hand, an RCBO provides two functions – it will protect you against earth leakage currents but will also protect the circuit in the event of an overload fault on your switchboard. An overload fault has the potential to occur when you have to too many appliances or devices running on the one safety switch which is protecting your appliances from burn out and catching fire. RCD’s & RCBO’s are usually rated from 6 to 40 amps. Typical amp requirements to expect on common circuits: 6 to 10 amps for lighting, 16 to 20 amps for power sockets, 20 to 25 amps for ovens, 32 to 40 amps for cook-top/stove. All new switchboard installations in the Sutherland Shire since 2019 must be build according to the Australian standards. This Act states that all newly installed switchboard upgrades must have RCD’s & RCBOs installed on all individual circuits.

      You can read more about our Alford Point Switchboard Services by Clicking Here

      Electrical Services in Alfords Point

      Emergency Electrician Sutherland Shire

      LED Lighting – Houses & Shops

      If you are looking to have new LED lights installed or upgrade your existing lighting in your Alfords Point home, we offer comprehensive home lighting services including Downlights, Batten Lights, Pendant Lights & Oyster Lights. LED Lights are the latest in lighting technology boosting longevity, improved brightness and can use around 85% less electricity than standard light bulbs and last up to fifty times longer. We have years of experience & can help with expert advice on switching to LED lighting throughout your home to start saving on power today.

      True Local Electricians Alfords Point specialise in all LED lighting including:

      • Residential LED Lighting Upgrades, including Downlights, Pendants, Battens, Oyster, Chandeliers
      • Commercial Shop LED Lighting Upgrades, including High Bay Lights
      • Office Lighting – Troffer Lighting
      • Feature lighting to enhance your indoor space – Kitchen, Bathroom or Leisure Rooms
      • LED Strip Lighting
      • Outdoor Security Lighting, Including Sensors
      • Flood Lights & Spot Lights
      • Energy-efficient Lighting options to Save on Your Bills
      • Commercial Lighting Electrical Installation
      • Warehouse Lighting Installation
      • Factory LED Lighting
      • Dimable Lighting and IXL Heat Lighting
      • Led Down lights
      • Track Lighting

      LED down lights are a small recessed energy efficient ceiling light that direct light down in the form of a narrow beam. LED downlights contain a microchip to emit light, and a transformer that steps down voltage from 240v to 24 or 12v. The Downlight is then connected to a 10amp plug-top to insert into a plug-base. LED downlights can be used in a range of places in your Sutherland Shire home to light up spaces in bedrooms, bathrooms, provide brighter lighting in the kitchen where you prepare meals, under cabinetry to light up a bench-top and in the ceiling in any room. We use SAL (Sunny Lighting Australia) LED Down lights – SAL are a well known and trusted Australian brand & are renowned for making high quality brand name Down lights. SAL Down lights are Tricolour, meaning you have the choice of selecting the colour temperature via a switch and includes a 3000k warm white, 4000k day light or 5000k cool white setting, so that they are sure to match any household. SAL warrant their down lights for 5 years in a Residential capacity and to date we have not experienced a single failure, in comparison to the cheaper overseas variants. You can read more on their products by Clicking Here.

      As a partner of Beacon Lighting, we can either supply a product from their range which you select, or install an item purchased in store. Beacon Lighting’s range can be viewed by Clicking Here

      You can read more about our Lighting Services by Clicking Here:

      Local Electrician rewiring a home in the Oyster Bay

      House Wiring & Re-Wiring

      If you have Electrical issues on a circuit or need an upgrade for a new appliance you have purchased, we can re-wire your homes wiring to the latest safety standard. Modern day homes now have a lot of power hungry devices which older Alfords Point homes may not be able to support including air conditioning, hot water induction ovens & cook tops

      Local Electrician installing a switchboard in the Como

      Power Points & Switches

      Do you need a new Power Point installed for a new appliance you have purchased? We can install new Power Point outlets with our Clipsal C2000 range of switches and Powerpoints to your Alfords Point home. If you have old, broken & yellow switches & power points, we can easily replace with new outlets.

      True Local Electricians are specialist providers of GPO Power Point and Light Switch installation to Alfords Point. Whether you need a normal 10amp outlet, or upgraded 20amp to 32amp outlet for machinery & equipment at your office or business, we can help! We provide both residential services and also testing and tagging to offices from Alfords Point to Menai. From upgrade of a single, to a double or a quad power point, or need additional power points installed, we will work with you to ensure that you have the correct number of power points at the best locations to suit your home or business.

      We are Specialist in:

      • Repair of Existing Power Points and Light Switches
      • Installation of 15 amp, 20 amp & 32 amp Power Points for businesses
      • Upgrading Existing Single to Double Power Point GPO’s
      • Replacement of old yellow stained Switches & Power Points
      • Installing Additional Power Points
      • Upgrading of Existing Power Points
      • Testing Power Points for Safety – FREE Safety Inspections
      • Testing & Tagging
      • Installation of Power Points with Usb Ports for Charging
      • Slimline Power Point
      • Child Security Power Points
      • Skirting Duct Power Points Mounted
      • Industrial Water and Chemical Power Points
      • Outdoor Weatherproof Power Points
      • Home Entertainment Power Points Combination
      • Power Points for Air Conditioning
      • Power Points to Wet Area
      • Light Switch to Dimmer Installation

      Clipsal Power Points & Switches We Use

      We are True Local Electricians only use the best quality Light Switches and Power Points available which allow us to offer you the maximum warranty available. We supply and install Clipsals C2000 range of power points and switches as standard however we can provide premium outlets from Clipsal’s range at your request. Classic C2000 Series has smooth curves and clean lines, also making it one of the most versatile. Whether you need elegance or something a little more subtle, the C2000 Series suits both modern homes and old favourites. Click here to view the range.

      You can read more about our Alford Point Power Point Services by Clicking Here

      Local Electrician fixing a fan in Caringbah

      Ceiling Fans

      Ceiling fans are a must for any home because they are a great way to save on cooling costs during the summer. There may be no more energy-efficient way to feel cooler than with a ceiling fan, they are far cheaper to buy and install than air conditioning, once installed, a ceiling fan consumes about as much power as a 60 watt light bulb.

      Ceiling fans are a great way of cooling down in the summer months. Installing a modern, efficient ceiling fan reduces reliance on your costly air conditioner which will lead to savings on your energy bill. Fans can be stylish, providing added decor to your ceiling centrepiece, come in different sizes to suit your living space while offering relief from the heat. Not only will ceiling fans cool you down but in winter they can circulate the air by helping to push warm air downwards in living areas to keep them rooms warm. Ceiling fans are energy efficient and the average ceiling fan installation costs 3 cents per hour to run, the equivalent of running a 60 Watt globe for an hour. So installing a ceiling fan will have minimal toll on your energy bill, also reducing your effect on the environment. Did you know – Fans have a Summer & Winter Mode? In Summer, a ceiling fan pushes cool air down, evaporation perspiration and creating the wind chill effect on your skin, making a room feel up to 8 degrees cooler.In Winter when we heat a room the hot air will naturally rise to the top half of the room making the top hotter than the lower half of the room. By using your ceiling fan in Winter Mode, This reverses the direction of the fan, blowing towards ceiling, circulating warm air at the top of the room throughout the room without creating a draught on the occupants. By Utilising the warm air will reduce your heating bills. We install an trust a range of ceiling fan brands including Lucci (Beacon Lighting), Martec & Mercator. As a proud partner of Beacon Lighting, we can either supply a Ceiling Fan from their range which you select, or install an item purchased in store. Beacon Lighting’s range of Fan’s can be viewed by Clicking Here

      You can read more about our Alfords Point Ceiling Fan Service by Clicking Here

      Local Electrician installing an electric car charger in the sutherland shire

      Electric Car Chargers

      We cater for installation of all EV Electric & PHEV car chargers including popular brands including: Tesla Model 3, Model S & Model X EV Charger Installation – Including Tesla Supercharger & Powerwall, Hyundai Kona & iOniq EV Charger Installation, Nissan Leaf EV Charger Installation. If required, we are able to quote on 3 phase power upgrades to suit required power delivery. Specialists in Level 1/Type 1 AC (J1772, SAE J1772), Level 2/Type 1 (IEC 62196, Mennekes), Level 3/Type 3 Rapid DC Fast Charging

      Local Electrician fixing a oven in Caringbah

      Oven & Stove Installation

      If you have purchased a new Hot Plate & Stove, Ceramic Cook Top, Induction Oven & Range hood and need a Licensed Alfords Point Electrician to install it – we can help!

      Local Electrician fixing a fan in Caringbah

      Exhaust Fans & IXL Heat Lamps

      We can supply, replace and install all types of IXL light, heat lamp & fan combination, as well as Wall & Ceiling Exhaust Fans to your bathroom or kitchen. Fans are a great way to extract heat, steam & moisture and smells from your Alfords Point home.

      Local Electrician installing a smoke alarm in the sutherland shire

      Smoke Alarms

      Smoke alarms reduce the risk of death in a house fire by more than half, but to be effective the alarm must be working correctly, installed and maintained. Photoelectric smoke alarms, also known as optical or photo-optical uses a new technology of detecting visible particles of combustion which means they literally see smoke which helps in quickly triggering the alarm. If you need a qualified, experienced local Alfords Point electrician to install smoke detectors in your home, we have the expert knowledge to advise you on what type of smoke alarm would be best for your home.

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