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Exhaust Fans & Heat Lamp Installation

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Exhaust Fans & Heat Lamp Installation

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Exhaust Fan & IXL Heat Lamp Installation Sutherland Shire

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Exhaust Fan Electrician

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Heat Lamp & Exhaust Fan Installation Sutherland Shire

You may be asking Why Do You Need an Exhaust Fan? Exhaust Fans are important for the following reasons:

  • To remove impurities in the air, including moisture, smells, smoke, heat etc
  • To encourage air circulation
  • To transfer tempered (warm/cool) air from one room to another
  • Eliminate condensation and mould in moisture exposed spaces

Whether your room requires a wall, window, roof or inline exhaust fan, True Local Electricians is here to provide you with professional advice and customised recommendations. At True Local Electricians we are experts in exhaust fan installation and can also provide heat lamp installation. In modern times the heat lamp and exhaust fan have been combined into a single 

True Local Electricians are your local Sutherland Shire Electricians providing Exhaust Fan & IXL Heat Lamp Installation Services to all the Sutherland Shire including Alfords Point, Bangor, Barden Ridge, Bonnet Bay, Burraneer, Caringbah South, Caringbah, Como, Cronulla, Dolans Bay, Engadine, Grays Point, Green Hills Beach, Gymea, Gymea Bay, Illawong, Jannali, Kangaroo Point, Kareela, Kirrawee, Kurnell, Lilli Pilli, Loftus, Menai, Miranda, Oyster Bay, Port Hacking, Sutherland, Sylvania, Taren Point, Wooloware, Woranora, Woranora Heights, Yowie Bay. 



Downlight Installation - Ceiling Fan Electrician Sutherland Shire - Heat Lamp Installation - Exhaust Fan Installation

As a partner of Beacon Lighting, we can either supply a product from their range which you select, or install an item purchased in store. Their range includes various heat lamps ready for installation as well as normal bathroom lighting.


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Ceiling Vented Exhaust Fan Installation

A ceiling exhaust fan is an exhaust fan that is mounted on a ceiling and typically 200mm or 250mm in diameter. These fans draw air upwards through the ceiling and vent into the roof cavity or ducted to be exhausted outside. A ceiling exhaust fan is the most popular ventilation method we install to ventilate a room. It is important when choosing a ceiling exhaust fan that you consider the airflow capacity required for the size of the room. At True Local Electricians, we have a large range of ceiling mounted ventilation fans, including ductable and non-ductable models.

Ceiling Exhaust Fans work effectively when the roof is tiled and there are enough gaps in the tiles to allow for ventilation to occur. However, in other types of roofs such as flat roofs or corrugated iron roofs, there may be limited airflow which can encourage build-up of moisture in the roof space. In these instances, True Local Electricians recommends installing a ducted fan which is ducted directly to the outside, rather than into the roof space, which will avoid moisture issues in your Sutherland Shire home. Another consideration is that ceiling exhaust fans are often not sealed so dust and debris from the roof space can fall through the fan into the room below. Likewise, you can also lose heat in winter and gain heat in summer as the hole in the ceiling is open to the roof space air. If this is of concern, we can install a backdraft shutter on the exhaust fan to prevent the backflow of air and dust from the roof space to your living areas. Some ceiling exhaust fans come with this feature, or it can be installed on existing fans.

It is important to note that we do not recommend installing a ceiling exhaust fan directly above your shower due to limitations with IP Waterproofing rating for safety reasons. Additionally, if the fan is place directly above the warm steam, condensation can form and drip from the exhaust fan fascia.

Wall Exhaust Fan Installation

A wall exhaust fan is a good option where there is limited ceiling / roof space. Does your home have a solid concrete ceiling, or no ceiling cavity? Typical ceiling exhaust fans will not have adequate ventilation in these circumstances, so a wall exhaust fan might be the best option for your room. True Local Electricians have several styles of wall exhaust fans including those where the wall fan motor is on the inside of the room and those located on the outside of the wall. Our range includes a variety of exhaust capacities ranging from your standard toilet performance to large areas requiring a high capacity exhaust fan. Typically a wall fan will consist of the motor component (inside) with ducting or tubing leading to an external vent. There are a few things to consider when installing a wall mounted exhaust fan. If you are replacing an old exhaust fan you will need to remove the wall fan and measure the hole size. It is also necessary to measure the depth of the wall. For a new installation you just need to be sure your fan is suitable based on the depth of the wall – you will need to make a suitable hole in the wall to accommodate the fan. Remember that if not selecting one of exact size, it is usually easier to make a hole bigger rather than filling in a hole to make it smaller, depending on the wall material of course. Browse some of our most popular wall exhaust fans below, or, view our complete range by clicking here.

In Line Exhaust Fan Installation

An inline exhaust fans are a style of fan mounted in-between lengths of ducting and inside a ceiling cavity. This style of fan is popular in poor clearance areas of roof space. The benefit of this will also result in reduced noise due to the concealment of the fan motor, and also allow the fan motor to drive ducting to vents in multiple rooms, such as a bathroom and laundry, or toilet and shower room.  Inline exhaust fans are a good choice in the following scenarios:

  • Sub-floor ventilation to combat dampness, rising damp and sub-floor mould
  • Ensuite bathrooms where you need a quiet exhaust fan motor located elsewhere
  • Limited access areas where a typical exhaust fan will not fit
  • When a very powerful exhaust fan is required for very large rooms, multiple vents or long ducting runs

Where a single inline exhaust fan is connected to vents in multiple rooms, we can install a switch in each room to operate the fan separately. Any switch will turn on the fan, however the fan will not turn off unless ALL switches are turned off. In line fans are also a great solution as a Heat Transfer System to transfer hot air from one room with a heater to a different room. This can be cheaper option than having a second heater or air-conditioner installed.

IXL 3 in 1 Exhaust Fan and Heat Lamp Installation

These 3 in 1 units are a great option to provide warmth in winter from the integrated heat lamp bulbs. An IXL IXL Tastic unit includes a regular light, heat lamps and an exhaust fan built into one unit. Tips to consider when installing an IXL:

  • IXL fan and heat lamp installation costs are higher than a regular exhaust fan as a great deal more cabling is required due to the need for up to 4 x switches to control the light and the heat lamps
  • Heat lamps use a great deal of power (usually 275W per lamp more than 20 x the power use of a typical 10W LED light globe or downlight) so these should not be used as your general lighting for the room
  • There are specific heat lamp installation requirements to avoid fires due to the high temperatures of the heat lamps so make sure you use a competent electrician and strictly follow the manufacturers installation guidelines
  • The exhaust fans are sometimes under-powered in these 3 in 1 units so you may need an additional exhaust fan in large bathrooms

The 3-in-1 fans are very popular in bathrooms as their heat lamps are designed to provide heat when you are directly positioned below them, making them a popular choice for the winter months.

Brands We Recommend for 3 in 1 Heat Lamp Installation

We typically install IXL or Lucci branded units as they offer good flexibility for fitment and venting options. As a partner of Beacon Lighting, we can either supply a product from their range which you select, or install an item purchased in store. Beacon have a large variety of 3 in 1 units we can install so no matter the exhaust fan/heat lamp for installation True Local Electricians are ready to tackle your job.

Heat Lamp Installation - Exhaust Fan Installation
Heat Lamp Installation - Exhaust Fan Installation
Heat Lamp Installation - Exhaust Fan Installation
Heat Lamp Installation - Exhaust Fan Installation

IXL 3 in 1 Exhaust Fan and Heat Lamp Installation Explained

More than 25 years ago, IXL invented the iconic IXL Tastic – a 3 in 1 bathroom heat, vent & light device. Over the years the design aesthetic of the IXL Tastic has remained relatively unchanged. They look sleek, stylish and unobtrusive but still retain all of the energy saving and safety features that are expected of a genuine IXL IXL Tastic. There are different models to suit a variety of applications. The classic range of IXL Tastics are suitable for retrofitting into your updated bathroom, while the Eco and Easy Duct models are designed to fit into new homes with 5 star energy rating or for energy conscious home owners. They include clever energy saving devices, such as back draught flaps that close when the fan is not in use and automatically switches off the centre light when the heat lamps are being used. The back draught flaps also prevent unwanted cold air and insects entering the bathroom via the IXL Tastic unit. The Eco IXL Tastic is ideal for 5 star energy efficient homes where exhausting into the roof cavity is allowed. For homes needing a ducted application, IXL’s Easy Duct IXL Tastics offer fully sealed functionality that meets stringent energy saving design requirements. Both ranges include an IXL IXL Tastic energy saving Compact Fluorescent Globe which uses up to 75% less electricity than a comparable incandescent normal globe. These globes can also be fitted into the classic range of IXL Tastics* if an energy efficient alternative is required. How the IXL IXL Tastic® works The IXL IXL Tastic range has been designed to exacting standards to give you many years of trouble-free operation. To ensure you get the most from your IXL Tastic there are a few simple points to keep in mind.


The IXL IXL Tastic Heat Lamps are a perfect heat lamp for installation. They have no warm up period because the infra-red lamps provide instantaneous heat, and are designed to heat you and not your bathroom – that’s the efficient way infra-red heat works. You’ll save money and energy, with an average cost of around one cent a shower if used correctly, (based on average 5 minute drying time). Also, to get the full benefit of IXL Tastic’s infra-red warmth, stand directly under the heat lamps. IXL’s exclusive clear heat lamps have been designed specifically for this application, and concentrate their heat for maximum effectiveness. Make sure you have the IXL Tastic model that suits your bathroom ceiling height. The IXL Tastic is manufactured to offer peak heating performance with bathroom ceiling heights up to 2.4 m for the Triumph models with 275W heat lamps and 2.7 m for the Triumph model with 375W heat lamps, Sensation & Original models. The Silhouette is suitable for bathrooms with a ceiling height of up to 3.3 m. The IXL Tastic half heat function is available on the 4 lamp models, and is another energy saving feature, allowing you to adjust the heat level to suit prevailing conditions or personal preference.


To ensure optimum performance of the exhaust fan, it is essential that there is adequate air flow into your bathroom to help the IXL Tastic’s powerful and efficient exhaust fan to quickly remove steam while you shower. Your IXL Tastic works by drawing steam-laden air from the room, and as with all exhaust fans it is essential that sufficient air inlet is provided. Ensure adequate inlets exist through windows, vents or under the door. Air flow path from inlet to fan should ideally pass over the steam source.


The centre light in all IXL Tastic models is designed to provide general illumination in your bathroom. For specific tasks like shaving or putting make-up on, you may need extra lighting to suit your individual needs. Heat lamps can also be used to provide additional bright illumination for your bathroom. Lighter coloured walls and decor also help brighten your bathroom by reflecting more light.

IXL Exhaust Fan and Heat Lamp Installation FAQ’s

Q – Will my IXL Tastic heat my bathroom?

A – No your IXL Tastic is designed to provide infra-red radiant heat to warm the body while drying, when standing directly underneath. It is not designed as a room heater.

Q – Can I install my IXL Tastic directly above a shower recess?

A – For safety reasons it is not recommended to install above shower recess. Please refer to the current Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000 relating to damp situations for further details.

Q – Can I replace by 275 watt heat lamps with 375 watt lamps?

A – You can only use heat lamps which have been fitted and approved for use in your product. The rating label will state the maximum wattage for your product.

Q – What is the maximum recommended light globe wattage that I can install in my IXL Tastic? A – Check the rating label for the maximum safe wattage for your product.

Q – What will happen if I leave my heat lamps on without fan operation?

A – On certain models (Eco & Easy Duct) the fan will commence operation automatically to keep the unit operating at a safe temperature. When the unit has cooled sufficiently the fan will switch off automatically, while the heat lamps of Classic IXL Tastic models will operate normally when the fan is off.

Q – Why is my IXL Tastic making noise?

A – All IXL Tastics create some noise due to the rapid movement of air through the IXL Tastic.

Q – Can I retro fit a remote control to my existing hardwired IXL Tastic?

A – No, unfortunately this is not possible.

Q – My IXL Tastic unit’s extraction fan doesn’t seem to be removing all the moisture and steam from my bathroom?

A – There are a number of factors that will influence the exhaust fan’s performance. Firstly you can improve your cross ventilation via an open door or window. There must be adequate ventilation in your roof cavity if exhausting into it so that the steam laden air can dissipate. If the ventilation space is restricted in your roof cavity then an Easy Duct IXL Tastic may be required to duct the exhaust air to outside the home. If you live in a traditionally cooler climate, in the winter months during hot showers, you may notice that there is more moisture and condensation build up. If this is the case, you may wish to improve your natural ventilation or invest in an additional exhaust fan. Bathrooms which have high ceilings, are larger than average, or have an open shower may all require additional ventilation. We recommend that you visit our website for further details and suggestions on effectively ventilating your bathroom.

Q – Can True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire rotate the IXL wall switch mechanisms?

A – Yes, the wall switches can be rotated by a qualified electrical trade’s person.

Q – Can True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire use an alternative wall switch mechanism other than the one supplied with my IXL product?

A – Yes, your authorised True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire can use an alternative switch mechanism.


Contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Exhaust Fan Electrician Questions

What are the common brands of heat lamps we install?

We install all leading brands of heat lamps. We carry popular brands like IXL which is the market leader in the space, HPM, Clipsal, Heller & Martec. What ever your needs and budget are, we will have an exhaust fan & IXL heat light to match.

Is IXL the best heat lamp combo brand?

IXL are the leading brand in bathroom heat lamps and exhaust fan extraction. Call us for a FREE quote on installing an IXL Heat Lamp in your bathroom.

What brand of exhaust fans do you install?

We install all leading brands of exhaust fans. We carry popular brands like Clipsal which is the market leader in the space, HPM, Trader & Martec. What ever your needs and budget are, we will have an exhaust fan to match.

Do i need an electrician to install an exhaust fan?

Yes, an Exhaust Fan needs to be installed by a licensed electrician as it needs to be connected to 240v electricity. Please contact us for a free quote.

Do i need an exhaust fan?

If you have a bathroom or kitchen with poor ventilation, you should install an exhaust fan to remove excess stream or cooking smells. Build up of steam can lead to growth of mold which can be very harmful to humans.

Do you offer FREE quotes for Exhaust Fan & Heat Lamp Installation?

Yes, we offer Free in home quotes and $0 call out to attend your home and provide a quote or repair your fan.

Why cant i turn off my exhaust fan or heat lamp?

If your exhaust fan or IXL light will not turn off, this may be a sign of an issue with the switch mech. We suggest phoning our emergency electrician immediately and scheduling an appointment to have it turned off.

Do you provide 24hr emergency electrician services?

Yes, We offer after hours 24/7 emergency electrician service to the Sutherland Shire. Please phone us on 0423 562 257 to book an appointment.

Why Are My Lights Flickering?
If you have lights which are continuously flickering this may be due to a loose connection, loose bulb, or a voltage increase to your lighting. This electrical fault will require a free inspection from our qualified electricians.

Do i need a switchboard upgrade when installing IXL heat lamps

Depending on the age of your switchboard, you may consider a switchboard upgrade to make sure your home electrics can maintain the added electrical load of an IXL heat lamp. We can install RCD safety switches on your lighting circuits which will cater for the power load.

Does an IXL heat lamp need to be on an RCD Safety Switch?

Yes. An IXL heat lamp can add additional load to your lighting circuit. The safest option is to install a new 10 amp RCD safety switch in your switchboard to protect your home electrics against the additional load. RCD safety switches prevent electrocutions and cables burning through overloading.

Fully Qualified and Insured Exhaust Fan Electrician

True Local Electricians provide rapid emergency electrician services to residential and commercial electrical services throughout The Sutherland Shire. We’ve been the reliable electrician for home and business owners in Sydney for more than 15 years. This has allowed us to foster a strong reputation for quality, affordability and fantastic customer service. Electrical problems seem to always occur at times where you least expect them to. They can immediately impact bottom line or a seemingly smooth flowing weekend. Rest assured that just in case trouble occurs, we are always a phone call away as we have fully stocked vans in The Sutherland Shire.

Our team are fully qualified electrician with extensive industry experience. We always provide a rapid response and we offer every single electrical service. This varies from re-wiring, switchboard upgrades, power point installation, fault diagnosis, routine maintenance, LED lighting and Level 2 electrician services. If you are business experiencing electrical problems, leave it completely to our Sutherland Shire emergency electricians. We guarantee to have you back up and running in no time whatsoever. For instance, faulty wiring and repeated electrical failures indicate a significant issue. Don’t risk your safety or your family’s safety – call a local emergency electrician now.