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Fault Finding Electrician Sutherland Shire

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Fault Finding Electrician Sutherland Shire

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Fill-in your details and we will be in touch to schedule a Free Quote for your Electrical Service.

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Fault Finding Electrician In The Sutherland Shire

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Fault Finding Electrician in Sutherland Shire

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Have you lost power in your Sutherland Shire home or business? Do you need a specialist fault finding Electrician? 

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We are an Aussie family business based locally in Sutherland Shire, with over 15yrs of experience in Residential & Commercial Electrical Services

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24hr Fault Finding Electrician Sutherland Shire

True Local Electricians Sutherland Shire are your specialist Fault Finding Electricians. Our fault finding electrician services include the systematic testing of electrical cabling or devices using a process of elimination until the fault is located and then repaired. Electrical faults can occur at the most unexpected time in your Sutherland Shire home or business leaving you with no power or lighting. In the more serious of circumstances, a fault can become a safety or even a fire hazard if not dealt with correctly. Fault finding & repair should be left to a licensed electrical contractor to find, isolate and repair the electrical fault.

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24hr Fault Finding Electrician

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Common Power Loss Faults that Need a Fault Finding Electrician

Faulty Appliance

If you are experiencing a loss of power caused by a safety switch that wont stay up or in the on position – there is a high chance of a fault occurring with an appliance within your kitchen. In these circumstances we will systematically unplug all appliances and equipment such as kettles, toasters, microwaves, power boards or heaters. If the safety switch stays up and is able to be re-set, we have identified that there is a faulty appliance. We then recommend re-introducing appliances one at a time until the safety switch again trips, there for identifying the faulty appliance.


Open Circuit

An open circuit is described as a break on a live or neutral conductor which can occur on a faulty switch or a break your electrical cabling. Your homes electrical system should always operate in closed circuit circumstances for current to flow correctly.  If a break were to occur anywhere on the line, current will not flow past the point of the break – known as an open circuit.


Short Circuit

Commonly in a short circuit scenario you would have heard a bang coming from a power-point, lighting point, circuit breaker or even the power-board. This occurs when the current on your live cable becomes exposed and contacts the earthing system which is the green and yellow cable. Short circuits typically occur from a breakdown of the cable insulation and a reason we why the use of circuit breakers, RCBO’s and even fuses are important as they will protect the cable from burning. Short circuits can also occur from storms or water damage – the most common being water in outdoor light fittings or outdoor power points.


Faulty Safety Switch or Fuse

If no faults have occurred on your electrical cabling or appliances, we then turn our attention to your protection devices such as RCBOs and circuit breakers which can fail from time to time. RCD’s & Circuit breakers can become old and worn with age, or even damaged by an electrical power surge. You should check your safety switches once every 6 months by pressing the test button which should trip the switch if working correctly.


Tips to Restore Your Power

There are a few tips we suggest trying yourself which might eliminate the need to call an electrician in the event of an electrical fault. It is always our fist suggestion to Sutherland Shire home owners to follow the above checklist and unplug all your appliances on the circuit which is tripping the safety switch. If the safety switch or circuit breaker remains down, please call True Local Electricians and book a service call to fault find further.

Some older style switchboard may have one RCD safety switch protecting a few individual circuit breakers. In these circumstances we suggest turning off all circuit breakers, then resetting the RCD. Then reset each circuit breaker one at a time until the RCD trips, therefore identifying the circuit which has a fault. A fault finding electrician should then be called to rectify the fault on the circuit breaker which has been deemed to have the problem.



Ensure You Do Not Have Too Many Appliances Plugged In At The Same Time

The safety switches and circuit breakers in your home are designed to trip when overloaded, caused by too many appliances running at the same time. We suggest that you try unplugging some appliances to reduce the load on the circuit which may allow you to rectify a tripping safety switch or circuit breaker. If you continue to experience tripping power, it may be best to add a new circuit and safety switches to cater for the load of your new appliances. This procedure will reduce the risk of damage to your cables or appliances and even stop your home from being destroyed by a fire.



Fault Finding Electrician - House Re-Wiring Electrician

What Does a Fault Finding Electrician Do?

At True Local Electricians we perform a insulation resistance test which can determine if the insulation on your electrical cable has deteriorated and a current leak is occurring. If there is an issue with your cabling, the test will result in a high resistance result. We undertake this test using a IR tester which will produce a current to flow around the insulation of the cable and will measure up-to a 1000 volts. Alternatively we will use the half test method on an IR tester which involves splitting a circuit in half to identify which side of the circuit has a low resistance reading and which side has the high resistance reading. If we produce a low resistance reading, this tells us that the circuit is in contact and working correctly, however on the other hand if we produce a high resistance reading the circuit is faulty. The side with the low resistance reading is then again split in half until the location of the fault is found. Visually inspecting for damaged lighting or power points is always a good idea to identify possible damaged electrical equipment which may be causing a fault. We will always start this process outdoors as water damage is quite common in outdoor power and lighting points.



How Long Will a Fault Finding Electrician Take?

A good electrician will know where to start looking for the common electrical faults and systematically work their way into the less common. Typically we find electrical faults within the first hour, however in the more severe cases there may be an additional hour needed. Contact Us Today for your rapid fault finding electrician service.



Frequently Asked Electrical Fault Finding Questions

Why Does My Fuse keep blowing?

Fuses blow because of overloading or short circuit from your switchboard and indicates a hard fault which needs to be looked at by a licensed electrician.

Why Does My RCD Safety Switch Keep Tripping?

If you have a repeated tripped switch, the most common issue is a faulty appliance. However, other issues may be nuisance tripping and faulty wiring. Contact True Local Electricians for a same-day electrician to fix your problem.

When Do I Need A Switchboard Upgrade?

You should consider a switchboard upgrade when your switchboard is overcrowded, your appliances trip, flickering lights, outdated Fuse, smell burning, or you can see sparks and melted or blackened fuses. Contact True Local Electricians for a switchboard upgrade today!

Do you offer a FREE Electrical Safety Inspection?

True Local Electricians will provide you with a FREE electrical safety inspection on all of our jobs. Save hundreds of dollars for what other companies charge. This is to ensure that all of our clients have safe and clean electrical systems running 24/7.

I Smell Electricity Burning, What Should I Do?

If you smell electricity burning you should contact True Local Electricians for an emergency electricity. The reasons for this burning smell may be due to loose circuit breaker wires, overloaded wiring or faulty circuit breakers.

When Does My Electrical Equipment Need An Upgrade?

Your circuit breaker will need an upgrade when it becomes faulty due to wear and tear or an electrical issue. You should always get frequent electrical checks to ensure optimal performance. We proudly offer a FREE electrical inspection on each job.

How Long Will It Take For An Electrician To Arrive In An Emergency?

As we have 24 hr emergency electricians working around the clock. Our average dispatch time is approximately less than 60 minutes. In the meantime, if it is a serious emergency issue you can have a look at the SES’s top electrical safety tips while you wait for assistance.

Why Isn’t My Hot Water System Working?

The most common electrical issues are when your circuit breaker is tripped and will not stay back on and there is a problem with your thermostat. Regardless of the issue, True Local Electricians can do it all including the plumbing works to save you money.

Why Are My Lights Flickering?
If you have lights which are continuously flickering this may be due to a loose connection, loose bulb, or a voltage increase to your lighting. This electrical fault will require a free inspection from our qualified electricians.

When do i need to replace my electrical wiring?

If your home is more than 30 years old it is recommended to have its condition and safety checked. Homes with cotton sheath and VIR cable are recommended to be replaced immediately.

What Is The Difference Between A Fuse Box And Switchboard?

Although they both perform the same function which is safety protection. A fuse box is an old term given to a switchboard which contains old fuses, where as a switchboard is the modern day term given to you electricity box containing RCD safety switches.

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True Local Electricians provide rapid emergency electrician services to residential and commercial electrical services throughout The Sutherland Shire. We’ve been the reliable electrician for home and business owners in Sydney for more than 15 years. This has allowed us to foster a strong reputation for quality, affordability and fantastic customer service. Electrical problems seem to always occur at times where you least expect them to. They can immediately impact bottom line or a seemingly smooth flowing weekend. Rest assured that just in case trouble occurs, we are always a phone call away as we have fully stocked vans in The Sutherland Shire.Our team are fully qualified electrician with extensive industry experience. We always provide a rapid response and we offer every single electrical service. This varies from re-wiring, switchboard upgrades, power point installation, fault diagnosis, routine maintenance, LED lighting and Level 2 electrician services. If you are business experiencing electrical problems, leave it completely to our Sutherland Shire emergency electricians. We guarantee to have you back up and running in no time whatsoever. For instance, faulty wiring and repeated electrical failures indicate a significant issue. Don’t risk your safety or your family’s safety – call a local emergency electrician now.