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3 Phase Electricity Upgrade

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3 Phase Electricity Upgrade

$0 Call Out Fee & Free Quotes

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3 Phase Electricity - Upgrade from Single Phase

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Are you searching google for tips on how to upgrade from single phase power to three phase power? If so, it sounds like you may be considering getting a new appliance like an air conditioner, electric car charger, induction cooktops and ovens or other high-power demanding appliance. You may also be looking to get solar panels on your roof and want to return electricity to the grid for maximum rebates. Not to worry, we have a completed guide on how to upgrade from 1 Phase Electricity to 3 phase Electricity. True Local Electricians are ASP level 2 electricians and specialise in 3 phase electricity upgrades which include new ariel mains cables, point of attachmentsconsumer mainsservice fuses and smart meters. For a free quote of 24/7 emergency service, please phone us on 0423 562 257

Switchboard & consumer mains Upgrade - 3 phase power
3 Phase Electricity Upgrade

What is single phase power?

 If you home is setup for 1 phase, it means that you have 1 cable feeding your home for all the electricity requirements. Think of the supply like a water pipe – the one cable has only a certain capacity which is 63amps. If you exceed this, you are requesting more electricity than what your cabling is capable of and may cause the cable to start to burn

What is 3 phase power?

Similar to the concept of 1 phase power, 3 phase power is 3 separate 63amp cables coming into your home which allows you to spread load requirements evenly over the cables you have. If you are a high electricity user, you can balance the electricity load in your home and not put your homes electrical system under excessive loads which lead to cable burning and fires. Some appliances require connection to a three-phase supply and cable so the device can get a consistent and un interrupted power delivery.

What is involved in upgrading to 3 phase electricity?

 Upgrading to three phase power will involve the replacement of the ariel cables coming into your property from 1 cable to 3 cables which are made out of aluminium. The ariel cables come from the street pole and are run to the point of attachment which is mounted on the eve of your home. The ariel cables are then joined via a connection box to your consumer mains which by todays standards are 16mm copper cables which run to your switchboard box into council service fuses. Each phase requires a separate council service fuse. We also are required to run a neutral cable in addition to the active phase cables, and a new earth rod/earth stake to make sure you have enough earthing in the event of any power surges.

Why do people upgrade to 3 phase electricity?

 Top reasons people upgrade from single phase to three phase power:

  • Installing an electric car charger – most new electric car chargers require three phase power in order to install a level 2 fast charger
  • Installing an air conditioner
  • Installing solar panels
  • Factories installing new industrial machines
  • High electricity load homes

What is the cost to upgrade to 3 phase electricity?

Upgrading can be a costly exercise so you need to weigh up what the benefit is for you to upgrade vs the cost. We can attend your property for a free quote on what it will cost for you to upgrade to three phase power.

Is an ASP Level 2 electrician needed to upgrade to three phase power?

Yes, you can get your normal residential electrician to upgrade to three phase power. ASP level 2 electricians are authorised service providers which have qualifications to install and repair consumer mains, point of attachments and mains cables which lead into the street. Only level 2 electricians are allowed to perform this installation. True Local Electricians are accredited ASP Level 2 Electricians based from our office in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney.

We hope this guide has been helpful, please phone us for a quote on upgrading to 3 phase power on 0423 562 257