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Consumer Mains

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Consumer Mains

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Consumer Mains Installation, Upgrade & Repair

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ASP Level 2 Electrician

Have you been searching google for what consumer mains wiring is? You are not alone – consumer mains cable is often a term not known by the average individual. If you have any questions or concerns about your consumer mains, please phone True Local Electricians on 0423 562 257. Consumer mains are the cables which run from your point of attachment (POA) to your service fuses in your switchboard. Only Level 2 electricians are qualified to repair or replace consumer mains. True Local Electricians are qualified level 2 electricians and can perform repairs to your consumer mains. The most common reason we are contacted in regard to this service is when homeowners receive a level 2 Defect Report listing the consumer mains are not compliant.

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Single Phase vs 3 Phase Consumer Mains

 If you home is setup for 1 phase, it means that you have 1 cable feeding your home for all the electricity requirements. Think of the supply like a water pipe – the one cable has only a certain capacity which is 63amps. If you exceed this, you are requesting more electricity than what your cabling is capable of and may cause the cable to start to burn. Similar to the concept of 1 phase Electricity, 3 Phase Electricity is 3 separate 63amp cables coming into your home which allows you to spread load requirements evenly over the cables you have. If you are a high electricity user, you can balance the electricity load in your home and not put your homes electrical system under excessive loads which lead to cable burning and fires. Some appliances require connection to a three-phase supply and cable so the device can get a consistent and uninterrupted power delivery.

What are common reasons why consumer mains are defected?

If your home was built before 1980, the electrical standards were a lot more relaxed compared to what they are today. Back then the standard size required for consumer mains was 6mm. For comparisons, by todays standard 6mm is the recommended size for an oven cable only – so imagine running your whole house on one 6mm cable! For this reason, we strongly recommend upgrading your consumer mains from 6mm to 16mm XLPE cable

What is the minimum size for consumer mains today?

 As you can imagine, the electrical requirements in homes was no where near the demand which we have today to run air conditioners, electric car chargers, ovens, cooktops, televisions and other high power draw appliances. Todays electrical standards now mandate copper 16mm XLPE is used as the minimum size for residential homes electricity supply.

Upgrading Consumer Mains

When we perform upgrades  in residential homes, we run new 16mm XLPE cable, replace the service fuses, and install a earth rod and earthing system which are all mandated in the “Service & Installation Rules July 2018”, a copy can be read here: https://energy.nsw.gov.au/sites/default/files/2018-09/Service-and-Installation-Rules-of-NSW-July-2018.pdf

Ausgrid, vector or endeavour energy can inspect your property at any time and cut off the supply if it is not compliant. Only a level 2 electrician can perform this upgrade, True Local Electricians are qualified level 2 electricians – please phone us for a free quote on all consumer mains requirements.

Do I need a Level 2 Electrician to repair consumer mains?

Yes, ASP level 2 electricians are authorised service providers which have qualifications to install and repair consumer mains, point of attachments and mains cables which lead into the street. Only level 2 electricians are allowed to perform this installation. True Local Electricians are accredited ASP Level 2 Electricians.

We hope this guide has been helpful, please phone us for a quote on upgrading or repairing your consumer mains on 0423 562 257

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