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Electrical Defect Notice Repair - Level 2 Electrician

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Electrical Defect Notice Repair - Level 2 Electrician

$0 Call Out Fee & Free Quotes

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Electrical Defect Notice Repairs - ASP Level 2 Electrician

ASP Level 2 Electrician Sutherland Shire - True Local Electricians - MPD & SPD Installation

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Have you received an electrical defect notice and need an ASP Level 2 Electrician to make repairs?

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Are you searching google for tips on what to do if you have received an ASP level 2 defect report from Ausgrid or vector energy? Not to worry, we have put a comprehensive level 2 electrician guide together. True Local Electricians are Authorised service providers for all ASP level 2 electrician services and can help you clear your electricity defect. 

ASP Level 2 Electrician - Ausgrid Customer Installation & Private Mains Defect Report, True Local Electricians
Ausgrid Customer Installation / Private Mains Defect Report
Level 2 Electrician Sutherland Shire - ASP Level 2 Electrician
Vector Electrical Defect Notice

Why have I been issued a Level 2 defect report?

Level 2 defect reports are issued when electricity wholesalers like Ausgrid, vector or endeavour energy deem your residential homes electricity setup to be non-compliant with today’s standards. When your house was built, it would have been built to a certain standard, however over the years the years the standards have changed to be safer. Parts of your home which level 2 electricians commonly service is the mains ariels cables, point of attachment, POA, consumer mains, meter panel, service fuses, switchboard and fuse box.

Common reasons why Level 2 defect reports are issued include:

  • Private overhead/underground cables are damaged/deteriorated
  • Point of Attachment where Ausgrids overhead service line attaches is damaged, does not have the required minimum ground clearance, or does not have satisfactory access & requires repair
  • Defective mains box & consumer mains
  • Power pole is damaged
  • Electrical service is damaged or unserviceable,
  • Overhead cable does not have the required ground clearance of 3 meters,
  • The Crossarm on the private pole is damaged or unserviceable,
  • Private overhead lines do not have the minimum safety clearance to ground and require retentioning,
  • Ausgrids overhead or underground service cable has been damaged and requires replacing
  • Tree’s adjacent to the private overhead lines do not have required clearance,
  • Defective or missing equipment,
  • Missing Service Fuses / No Service Fuses
  • Broken point of attachments which are hanging off a roof,
  • Old switchboards with porcelain fuses, old or missing service fuses, and asbestos panels,
  • Low hanging overhead cables,
  • FM:7100 metering installation defects,
  • Metering family defects,
  • Defective mains box,
  • Tree’s falling onto cables,
  • Sagging powerlines,
  • Rusted equipment – Rusty power poles & point of attachments,
  • Requirement for a Riser Bracket
  • Old and deteriorated VIR Cable or Cotton Cloth Cable
  • The supply to the property was disconnected for safety
  • Missing MPD or SPD (Meter Protection Device)

How long do I have to rectify a level 2 defect report?

The home owner has 21 days to contact a ASP authorised service provider level 2 electrician to have the issue rectified. True Local Electricians are level 2 electricians and can help you with this. Please phone 0423 562 257 for a free quote.

What does ASP stand for?

ASP stands for Authorised service providers and refers to the qualification of a Level 2 Electrician.

Can normal electricians rectify level 2 defects?

No, only electricians who are authorised service providers can perform the repairs

How do you clear a level 2 defect?

The ASP electrician must first perform the repair or replacement, place tags on the equipment with their licence number, and then lodge a NOSW application with the electrical wholesaler which is commonly Ausgrid, endeavour or vector energy.

What happens if I don’t get my level 2 defect repaired?

The electrical wholesaler Ausgrid, vector or endeavour will cut off your power at the electricity pole which could add further rectification costs. We do not recommend leaving your level 2 defect notice past 21 days.

What is a Customer Installation / Private Mains Defect Report?

This report is issued by Ausgrid and is another name for a level 2 defect notice. This report lists reasons why your electrical setup does not comply with the current standards in and requests you rectify the issues in 21 days.

Where can I read the level 2 electrical rules?

The level 2 electrical rules is called “Service & Installation Rules July 2018”, a copy can be read here: https://energy.nsw.gov.au/sites/default/files/2018-09/Service-and-Installation-Rules-of-NSW-July-2018.pdf