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Level 2 Electrician Sydney

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Level 2 Electrician Sydney

$0 Call Out Fee & Free Quotes

Book Online Today!

Fill-in your details and we will be in touch to schedule a Free Quote for your Electrical Service.

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Level 2 Electrician Sydney

ASP Level 2 Electrician Sutherland Shire - True Local Electricians - MPD & SPD Installation
Level 2 Electrician Sydney

Have you received an Electrical Defect and require an Level 2 Electrician Sydney?

True Local Electricians are ASP Level 2 Electricians Sydney providing all level 2 electrical services to Sydney and surrounding areas. As Level 2 electricians we are qualified to perform repairs and upgrades to mains cables, point of attachments, consumer mains, meter panels & switchboards. If you have received a level 2 defect report, we are accredited service providers for Ausgrid, Vector, Endeavour and Transgrid to perform repairs and clear defect notices. For a free quote on level 2 electrician Sydney services, please phone us today on 0423 562 257.

Our Level 2 Electrician Sydney Services

Level 2 Electrician Sutherland Shire - ASP Level 2 Electrician

Defect Report Rectification

Level 2 Defect Reports are issued when electricity wholesalers like Ausgrid, vector or endeavour energy deem your residential homes electricity setup to be non-compliant with today’s standards. When your house was built, it would have been built to a certain standard, however over the years the years the standards have changed to be safer. Parts of your home which level 2 electricians commonly service is the mains ariels cables, point of attachment, POA, consumer mains, meter panel, service fuses, switchboard and fuse box.

The home owner has 21 days to contact a ASP authorised service provider Level 2 Electrician Sydney to have the issue rectified. True Local Electricians are level 2 electricians and can help you with this. Please phone 0423 562 257 for a free quote.

Consumer Mains Repair & Installation

If you have any questions or concerns about your Consumer Mains, please phone True Local Electricians on 0423 562 257. Consumer mains are the cables which run from your point of attachment (POA) to your service fuses in your switchboard. Only Level 2 electricians are qualified to repair or replace consumer mains. True Local Electricians are qualified Level 2 Electricians Sydney and can perform repairs to your consumer mains. The most common reason we are contacted in regard to consumer mains is when home owners receive a level 2 defect listing the consumer mains are not compliant.

 As you can imagine, the electrical requirements in homes was no where near the demand which we have today to run air conditioners, electric car chargers, ovens, cooktops, televisions and other high power draw appliances. Todays electrical standards now mandate copper 16mm XLPE is used as the minimum size for residential homes electricity supply.

Point of Attachement Repair & Installation

The electrical Point of Attachment (commonly called a POA) on your home refers to the bracket which holds your aerial mains wires which come from the street power pole, to the point where it connects to your consumer mains via your mains box. The Point of Attachment is commonly mounted on the eve or roof of your home in close proximity to your electrical switchboard or fuse box. The Point of Attachment is an important device as it is required to hold many kilograms of tension from the weight of your aerial mains cables, and do so in a safe manner. At True Local Electricians we see many Point of Attachment’s which have failed over time and resulted in your power lines coming down and a loss of power to your home. If you have suddenly lost power we recommend checking your Point of Attachment and consumer mains connection for any damage. In emergency scenarios True Local Electricians provide 24hr emergency service to Sydney and the Sutherland Shire for all Point of Attachment repairs and replacements.  

Point of Attachments over time can become defective as they age and are subject to rusting, sagging and damage by trees and storms. Most of the time we at True Local Electricians are repairing Point of Attachment’s it is due to residential households receiving a level 2 defect notice from their distributor. There are 4 Electricity distributors in Sydney – Ausgrid, Endeavour, Tansgrid & Vector. Commonly, without warning electrical inspectors may sight your defective Point of Attachment and write a Defect Report to the home owner which give them 21 days to repair any electrical defects. The report will often refer to your Point of Attachment being in faulty condition and requiring a ASP Level 2 Electrician Sydney to fix the issue and lodge a NOSW rectification report. When we perform any repairs to Point of Attachments, they must comply with the most recent service rules which include the cables being at lease 3 meters from the ground or a balcony.

3 Phase Electricity Upgrades

Similar to the concept of 1 phase power, 3 Phase Electricity is 3 separate 63amp cables coming into your home which allows you to spread load requirements evenly over the cables you have. If you are a high electricity user, you can balance the electricity load in your home and not put your homes electrical system under excessive loads which lead to cable burning and fires. Some appliances require connection to a three-phase supply and cable so the device can get a consistent and un interrupted power delivery.

 Top reasons people upgrade from single phase to three phase power:

  • Installing an electric car charger – most new electric car chargers require three phase power in order to install a level 2 fast charger
  • Installing an air conditioner
  • Installing solar panels
  • Factories installing new industrial machines
  • High electricity load homes

Switchboard Upgrades & Repairs

The switchboard controls how all of the electricity is routed throughout your home, ensuring power can reach all areas of your home. However, the switchboards of the past weren’t designed to accommodate the higher electricity needs of modern appliances, as the technology didn’t exist at the time. If you have old & obsolete ceramic fuses, you may need a switchboard upgrade or repair to ensure your home electrics are compliant with modern standards. At True Local Electricians are experts in upgrading switchboards of the past which contain porcelain ceramic fuses and circuit breakers to individual RCD/RCBO safety switches. Alternatively if you have an upgraded switchboard which is giving you issues, we can perform electrical switchboard fault repairs. Read more about our Switchboard Repair & Upgrade services

Private Pole Installation

Private Power Pole systems are what deliver electricity to your Sutherland Shire home beyond your connection to the electrical grid in the street. You as the property owner is responsible for maintaining that the cabling and system is safe and working at all times. If your system is deemed to be unsafe, an electrical defect notice can be issued in which you will be required to phone a level 2 electrician Sydney for assistance.

Erected on a property, a private power pole is the electrical source for the residence. Private poles are attached to the house by cables and the point of attachment connecting it to the main electricity grid. Connections are able to be shared amongst multiple homes, then the private pole electrical power line allows the electricity to be diverted to a single property. The connection then then flows to to the main electrical switchboard where it then can be transmitted to any part of the house.

Solar Electricity Upgrade

True Local Electricians are Level 2 electricians servicing all of Sydney. We specialise in upgrading homes from single phase electricity to 3 phase electricity to accommodate the needs of your new solar installation. If you are searching google for what’s the upper limit to the amount of solar panel capacity that you can install, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you. There is a few aspects to answering this question and you may want to ask yourself what your roof area is, your energy saving goals and any applicable restrictions imposed by your local electricity network company. The number 1 reason why our customers upgrade to Solar & 3 phase power is to economically charge an Electric Car. Charging your Tesla by solar power is a popular option, as it provides clean power for your clean vehicle, and helps to offset increased energy bills that come with owning and charging an electric-powered vehicle. There are two ways to do so: directly and indirectly. The direct method is to set up a solar power system in your house and use it as a source of charging power for your EV only, eg panels on your carport. The indirect option is to get solar panels for your entire home. In this case, you not only generate solar power for your car, but you produce enough to cover most of your home’s energy needs. Excess solar power produced during the day can then be used to charge a solar battery like the Tesla Powerwall 2 or sent back to the grid for credits on your power bill through net metering.

Sydney is the capital city of the state of New South Wales, and the most populous city in both Australia and Oceania. Located on Australia’s east coast, the metropolis surrounds Sydney Harbour and extends about 70 km (43.5 mi) on its periphery towards the Blue Mountains to the west, Hawkesbury to the north, the Royal National Park to the south and Macarthur to the south-west. Sydney is made up of 658 suburbs, spread across 33 local government areas. Residents of the city are known as “Sydneysiders”. As of June 2021, Sydney’s estimated metropolitan population was 5,231,147, meaning the city is home to approximately 66% of the state’s population.